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Truthfulness of Mr. Tatum’s shocking assertions?

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posted on Feb, 25 2008 @ 12:28 AM
Does anyone have sound thoughts on the veracity of Chip Tatum, the former CIA black ops agent?

In a very lengthy interview by Ted Gunderson,,

Tatum recounts many astounding experiences, such as that:

he smuggled coc aine by air into the USA for the CIA,

he saw both Oliver North and George Bush the elder visiting factories in Central America where coc aine was being made for shipment into the USA,

Bill Clinton personally took delivery of coc aine smuggled on a CIA flight Tatum piloted,

and, Pres. George Bush the elder personally ordered him to kill Ross Perot, which is why Perot bailed out of his presidential election campaign, and a main reason Tatum quit, rather than carry out Bush’s order.

A search on AboveTopSecret shows that Chip Tatum has been mentioned in posts elsewhere. I read a few of them but none shed light on the veracity of the man. There doesn’t seem to be any reliable basis for a layman to assess Tatum’s personal testimony.

How can we get a reading on the truthfulness of Mr. Tatum’s shocking assertions?

posted on Feb, 25 2008 @ 12:42 AM
Those assertions all seem way too over the top for me. I can get behind the idea of the CIA supporting the drug trade in South America.

I can't get behind the President of the United States taking a top general to go and personally check out a drug factory. There is just no way that a president would risk being seen at such a place. How many thousands of people below him could he have go and get a detailed report, leaving him with no accountability?

I can't get behind a PotUS personally taking delivery of coc aine. I wouldn't be shocked to find out that Clinton used it in office (i doubt it though), but again... why take delivery yourself? How many other trusted people could he use to get it for him? It is just insane.

I wouldn't be surprised if BushCo wanted Perot dead, but to personally call in a hit on him is a bit absurd.

It will take some serious convincing for me to believe what this guy says.

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 04:57 PM
reply to post by Karlhungis

I know you wrote this quite some time ago now, so I apologize if you have long forgotten about it..

Nonetheless, if I remember correctly it wasn't George Bush who went with him to the 'locations' where the coc aine was being developed, it was just Tatum who said it was Oliver North that was with him.. and that Bush, very well knew indeed what was going on.. But i'm gonna watch again to make sure..
the claims Tatum made are surely mind blowing, but its how he described them in great detail.. its how he said he was tracked down by other agents to give up "the evidence" to prove his claims..etc. To me, its what makes him believable.. also the fact that the FBI Exec. Director for the L.A. office said he backed up his story makes it all the more beliveable..

Lastly, this claim that Clinton knew about Cocaine flying into Arkansas does seem relevant.. i think they all knew, even Reagan! This whole CIA and the drug trade is even backed up by a LAPD Detective who came out years ago saying the CIA did indeed deal drugs on the streets!!! then you hvae the Mena, Arkansas incident where the two boys were killed which their killings brought on national attention.. Their killings were eventually tied to corrupt officials in the Mena Police Department and D.A's office... This "Mena" incident, with this LAPD Detective and Tatum's story - they all coroborate one another! Which any Detective or FBI Agent across the United States investigating a crime would love to have such corroborating evidence!


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