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Strange happenings "a response to Im a marty"

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posted on Feb, 24 2008 @ 11:08 PM
This is a responce to Im a Marty's thread "Today, something seriously is going wrong, probably being monitored?"
I didn't feel like posting a reply because I feel that what I have to say is somewhat important and I don't want it to be lost. Anyways.. my web browser has been randomly closing lately. But only when I am at prisonplanet, or abovetopsecret.. and usually when I am looking at a really interesting topic. Afterwards I have the sudden feeling that can only be described as "f it" and I go on to do something else. Also my pc (I have a mac and a pc) has been randomly restarting. I think that is pretty odd.

I work at a museum that is located next door to a masonic lodge (I'm not saying it has to do with anything) and I have been getting strange calls from what sounds like an extremely old man asking for someone named "Vinnie". He speaks in mostly grunts and says yeah a lot. I asked him who he was and he said he was my father. Most of what he says is inaudible and it is nearly impossible to hold a conversation. Also sometimes (maybe a few times a day) the phone rings and noone is on the phone. I don't think I am being watched but I think it is strange that a lot of us have similar experiences

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