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Yes, highly likely. Here is my article excerpt...

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posted on Feb, 24 2008 @ 07:05 PM
Copyright Beyond Enchanted Press 2008 All Rights Reserved.

Spiritual Musings From a Late Winter Cabin

By Goldenheart, a Pen Name

About a year ago when Barack Obama first exploded on the democratic national scene, I recall the way my soul responded when I first ever saw a photograph of him. It ran all over me, like an electric shock, that his face, the facial features, the bone structure, his head size and shape, was the perfect feminine counterpart (omega aspect) of the face, bone structure and features of Osama Bin Laden. (alpha aspect) Artists look for and notice these sorts of things, almost automatically, subconsciously. The resemblance struck me so noticeably that I was riveted. I also felt very, very uncomfortable spiritually and I did not know why. It was as if something was trying to bubble up and come to the surface, some part of me wanted to speak about what it knew, but refrained.

I would stare stupidly at photos and video clips of Obama each time I saw him, just fairly screaming inside: “Does anyone else see what I see?!?”

Of course living alone I had no one to discuss this with. But my soul is utterly convinced that on some subterranean level, on some dimension, Barack Obama is a member of the very same soul family as Osama Bin Laden. Think about it: One working on the eastern side of the world, the other working on the western side. Do they in fact share the same goal, and if so, what might that be? We all know that the highest Muslim radicals are calling for a one world super-state with Islam as the only official world religion. That’s the eastern Islamic world goal. That’s what they are strapping bombs onto the tummies of babies in islamic temple basements, and educating their youth for. They are prepared to fight on for as many generations as it takes to achieve this.

What have Christian Americans been taught for at least 3 generations now? … That the final confrontation includes a figure named in scripture as the Antichrist who heads up a global one world super-state that has only one officially sanctioned religion, and it is not Christianity.

Ok, if you have swallowed all that (above) and don’t think I’m off my rocker, I’ll go deeper. When I look at Barack Obama, I see the aura of an almost immaculately perfect spiritual imposter for something. He can appear Jesusonian. He can appear “Kennedy-esque.” People may even see a potential Avatar in him, and they respond wildly to his speeches.

I personally believe after studying the events of recent months that he may be either connected to a future Antichrist figure, or that he may even be that figure. Remember, when a consummate imposter appears on the scene, he looks like the perfect solution to everything that’s wrong, and the answer to many world problems. We have also always known the Apostate would be an energized orator, one, who like Hitler, could give a speech so rousing, (without actually saying a whole lot – content-wise) that he could sway hearts, minds, and the wills of his audience, and win people over to him on a soul level.

People make the mistake of believing that the Antichrist will appear on the world scene as an evil diabolical, malevolently brilliant personality, like - for example - the blatantly malevolent Osama Bin Laden, who believes it is his life’s mission for God to kill as many western infidels as possible, and to bring down western civilization entirely: global Jihad.

But that’s not it. Not at all. The Antichrist will appear as a the perfect undetectable spiritual counterfeit: a fresh face, a ray of hope, an inspired orator, A UNIFIER, a new leader and political ‘Savior’ for the tired and tattered, inept governmental systems of the US , Britain , Europe and the world. Sound familiar?

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