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Vril/Nazi/Satanic teachings and imagery in Square Enix video games

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posted on Feb, 21 2008 @ 06:31 PM
I know this may sound a bit bizarre at first, but please hear me out.

"In 1893, Karl Benz and Henry Ford built their first fourwheeled automobiles. Thomas Edison's Kinetoscope (1889) was among the first practical systems of cinematography, and in 1895, Louis and Auguste Lumiere presented the first commercial projection. In that same year, Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X rays, Marconi invented radio telegraphy, and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky formulated the principle of rocket reaction propulsion. In 1896, William Ramsay isolated helium, Ernest Rutherford accomplished the magnetic detection of electrical waves, and Henri Becquerel discovered radioactivity. The Royal Automobile Club was founded in London in 1897, and cars were going faster every year.

However, with all of these scientific marvels about which to boast, there were as yet no heavier-than-air aerial vehicles to occupy the efforts and the interests of potential aviators; and a good number of brilliant scientists of great reputation had gone on record with their arguments that it was aerodynamically impossible to build such a flying machine. On the other hand, the future of balloon transport seemed promising, and gondolas could be attached to carry passengers. With all the other wonders of modern science, how could anyone bemoan the lack of heavier-than-air flying machines?

And yet, in March of 1897, a bizarre aircraft, often described as resembling a cone-shaped steamboat, was seen flying across the United States and later throughout the world.

The German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin did not build his famous airship, a rigid dirigible, until 1898. Could some mysterious unknown inventors have beaten Count von Zeppelin to the drawing board with a much more impressive vehicle, a forerunner of the modern passenger plane? Or was a secret terrestrial society of master magicians once again displaying their superiority over the outsiders?"

"In 1871, occultist Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote The Coming Race, a novel about a small group of German mystics who had discovered a race of supermen living within the Earth’s interior. The super race had built a paradise based on The Vril Force, a form of energy so powerful that the older beings had outlawed its use as a potential weapon. The Vril, was derived from the Black Sun, a large ball of “Prima Materia” that provided light and radiation to the inhabitants of the inner Earth."

In the video game "Chrono Trigger" the plot is based around "Lavos," a all
powerful almighty entity which dwells in the middle of the Earth. As you
learn in the game, in ancient times a super race lived on the Earth and
used "Lavos" to build a paradise. The use of this energy source
eventually lead to their downfall (oddly enough, in the game the super
race built a 'underwater city' so they could be closer to "lavos") (The
overuse of Lavos lead to a great flood which wiped out all records of this
race [the vril belief in the "Agartha people"])" After the flood the people
(who in the game are known as "The Enlightened ones") who survive
ban the use of Lavos. There is more I could say about Chrono Trigger
however, it's difficult to explain without one actually playing the game.

Pentagram in the background of Harvest Moon video game?

(another odd thing about this game is that throughout the game, you are being helped by people who live in the center of the Earth. Throughout the game they give you new inventions.)


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