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the big one

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posted on Feb, 17 2004 @ 01:27 AM
phoenetics, phoenicians and the phoenix.
the tower of babel.
newspeak, a language that makes it impossible to even form certain thoughts.
the english language has the most words and is the number one widely used language on earth. it is apocalyptic(revealing).

the african creation myth says that in the beginning there were no clouds and no sunshine. everyday was misty and temperate. if people wanted fruit, they would go and ask(psychicly) the tree for it and the fruit would drop to the ground. there was no language. all communication was psychic.
then came the gods(nefilim, anunakki), and gave man the 'gift' of language. man lost his psychic abilities due to this 'gift'. (read zacharia sitchin's books to learn about these myths)
the parallels with genesis are obvious.
marshall mcluhan speaks of the importance of moving from an oral tradition(lore passed verbatim through the generations) to a written tradition. the fact that language is a machine. also, the signifigance of the different spectral enviroments(acoustic, electric, psychic, tactile, time, etc.) and the effect of myth and the medium of the myth. when newspapers, and then t.v. came along, it changed the 'collective unconscious'. this is (one of the things) he means with his famous, 'the medium is the message' catchphrase.

now check this out:

i suggest you copy this page. the calculator is fun to play with.

posted on Feb, 17 2004 @ 01:39 AM
oh, yeah. you HAVE to check out this one, too. simply amazing.

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