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Interesting Place to Find a Masonic Obelisk Thread

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posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 09:33 AM
I'm sure everyone here is aware of twitchy's thread concerning the Trinity Site obelisk/cairn/stele/monument.

Interesting Place to Find a Masonic Obelisk

I would have liked to contribute more to that thread, but unfortunately it has been locked.

This thread has been created to discuss just what role the obelisk has played in the symbolism and ritual of Freemasonry.

It had been pointed out many times in twitchy's thread that the obelisk plays little or no part in Freemasonry. The assertion has also been made that the Washington Monument was not inherently Masonic, nor Cleopatra's Needle and its twin, on the banks of the Thames and in Central Park respectively as well as the Luxor Obelisk in Paris.

The origin of the obelisk and its place within early Egyptian rites has already been discussed in the "other" obelisk thread.

Re/Ra, Sun worship etc...

So, to the early Egyptians the obelisk or benben stone was a repository for the Sun-God, in that at certain periods his spirit resided within it.

But I don't think the subject of the obelisk and its associations to Osiris have been delved into thoroughly enough.

Osiris was not a Sun-God, rather he was the God of the Earth, vegetation and the Nile Flood, God of rebirth, and God of the Underworld.

Obelisk worship was grafted onto Osiris worship through the idea that Osiris was Re/Ra's grandson.

We also know that the obelisk was a symbol of Osiris's "Bobbitted" member. Manufactured by Isis as the Worlds first phallic symbol or "the rock that begot." Around which a cult was established.

Now what does Osiris have to do with Freemasonry? There have been Masonic scholars who believe that the Hiram Abiff myth is in fact the Osiris myth reborn.

It is generally admitted by modern Masonic scholars that the story of the martyred Hiram is based upon the Egyptian rites of Osiris, whose death and resurrection figuratively portrayed the spiritual death of man and his regeneration through initiation into the Mysteries.

Mr John Fellows, who brings a mass of knowledge to a study of the subject, says that "the story of Hiram is only another version, like those of Adonis and Astarte, and of Ceres and Prosperine, of the fable of Osiris and Isis. The likeness throughout," he adds, "is so exact as not to admit of doubt. The search for the body of Hiram; the enquiries made of a wayfaring man, and the intelligence received; the sitting down of one of the party to rest and refresh himself, and the hint conveyed by the sprig over the grave; the body of Hiram remaining fourteen days in the grave prepared by the assassins before it was discovered, all have allusion to, and comport with, the allegory of Osiris and Isis. The condition even in which the grave of Hiram is found, covered with green moss and turf, corresponds very much with that in which Isis found the coffin of Osiris."

Osiris Legend of. ...We cannot admit that the Osirian myth is to be explained solely from the astronomical point of view. It had a higher meaning, and shadowed forth the great mystery of the world, the conflicts of good and evil, of vice and virtue, and announces that even through persecution and death, justice and truth, and virtue, shall advance to a perfect victory; and that the night of death shall yield to an immortal day.

This is certainly a point worthy of more discussion.

That certain Masons in the 19th Century were enamored with the idea of Masonry's origins leading back to Ancient Egypt cannot be disputed.

There is some dispute concerning Napoleon's Masonic membership.

Napoleon I and Freemasonry

It is known that his four brothers were definitely initiated.

Napoleon Bonaparte

It is also known that amoung the one hundred and fifty scholars that accompanied Napoleon on his quest, many were Freemasons. Many of his advisors were also Masons. It was these advisors that convinced him that Egypt held the original secrets of history, philosophy, and perhaps even Freemasonry (?).

Of course it was Napoleons soldiers that discovered the "Rosetta Stone" which in turn enticed certain Freemasons to go to Egypt.

Now let us look at the Masonic fascination with "Cleopatra's Needle."

Giovanni Battista Belzoni; archaeologist, adventurer, and Freemason. The man responsible for the British claim to "Cleopatra's Needle."

The Rosetta Stone

Belzoni was initiated in Cairo at the Lodge of the Pyramids, he then went on to join lodges in Cambridge and Norwich.

He was a man on a mission to find the ancient roots of Freemasonry, even if he to make them up.

He opened the temple of Abu Simbal and the second pyramid of Giza.

But his biggest claim to fame was having discovered a Masonic Temple in Thebes. Belzoni claimed that within this temple were wall paintings of Osiris being initiated into Freemasonry and wearing a Masonic apron no less! As well as awarding another Mason his next degree.

He stated: "Let the Masonic Brethren search, and they will find, that the Egyptian Masonic Key will unlock the hitherto unrevealed mysteries of Egyptian wisdom."

It's a shame that this ancient "Lodge" was in fact the Tomb of Seti I and his claims were all fraudulent.

The "Needle" lay in Alexandria for fifty-six years before General Sir James Alexander decided to get the job done and ship the thing to England. Need I say that Alexander was a Freemason of some standing.

He had his engineers to plan the transportation; Dixon and Stephenson, both Freemasons.

All Alexander needed was a financial backer. Enter Dr Erasmus Wilson, who supplied the princely sum of £20,000 for the shipping and erection. Wilson, who was knighted for his efforts was also a Freemason.

Secret and Silent Men of 1798 (p.175)

Let us now look at the people responsible for the shipment of the "Twin Needle" to the USA.

The man who hatched the scheme: William Hulbert, Freemason.

The man who put up the $'s: William J. Vendebilt, Freemason.

The man who sailed the boat: Lt-Cmdr Henry Gorringe, Freemason.

The Masonic pomp and ceremony around the erection has already been discussed. I'll just add that the sight of 9,000 Freemasons with bands accompanying, certainly would have been a sight to behold as they marched to Greywhacke Knoll.

It would make me think that this obelisk was of some import to Freemasons.

Jesse Anthony, Grand Master of New York Masons, after laying the seven tonne cornerstone, told his audience that thinking on the origins of the order needed to be revised and said: "There can be no question but that in the secret societies of Egypt are to be found some elements now embraced in the principals or symbolism of Masonry."

To think that this Masonic fascination with things Egyptian was just a thing of the past is to be mistaken.

Here in Australia, the Masonic Royal Arch Temple in Petersham, New South Wales was constructed in 1978. Transferred from the old Temple was an "Egyptian Room."

On the walls are images from the Book of the Dead as well as images of Osiris, "The God of Light and the God of the quick and the dead."

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posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 06:22 AM
reply to post by Beelzebubba

In my masonic experiences, I have not seen an Obelisk used or explained as a symbol. I have passed countless grave yards with Obelisks marked with masonic symbolism as grave markers, and I have seen the monument in Ashville, NC deticated to Zebulon Baird Vance, who was a prominent Freemason. So all these things should tie together, but as of yet, I cannot find a masonic tie.

Sorry nobody else commented.

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 05:43 PM
reply to post by Beelzebubba

Yep, seems that you have uncovered too much evidence for this to be circumstantial.

Looks very much like some masons (maybe not the minions) hold high esteem towards the obelisks.

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by Beelzebubba

Looks to me to be enough there to point to a Masonic Connection. Good Thread BB! How could this Thread have been so Overlooked? How come more Cannot See the Connection? Maybe new RX's for their Glasses? Lol! Later, Syx.

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 08:40 PM
reply to post by SyxDaliGee

What connection? The only place mentioned was the man in the video and it wasn't proven to be true.

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