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Downardian Theory

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posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 06:34 AM
Greetings once again Mr. Marrs,

Your reply to my previous thread (The Devil of MKULTRA) prompted me to start this thread.

Many consider the work of James Shelby Downard to be at the very outer limits of conspiracy theory. His treatise on the JFK assassination (King-Kill/33) being the most well known.

Your remark about the astrological timing of the Kennedy family deaths as well as the inner core of the Cryptocracy and how it entices those that lust after power into depraved occult rites made me think of Downard and his reference to the United States being considered a "witches cauldron" rather than a "melting pot."

His assertion that the American people (and the world, through modern media) are being coerced by way of "occult charades" into an alchemically transformed slave race shows that he was aware of the magnitude of the situation.

When I first read Downard's work, I was of the mindset that prevails over most people: That it was too "far out" to be considered plausible. But I admired the work greatly for its literary value. As the years have progressed and more and more information has come to light, I found myself going back to his work with a more accepting mind. Many seasoned conspiracists still ridicule Downards theories and consider those that accept them to be paranoiacs of the highest order.

It has been noted (by Adam Parfrey, I think) that Downard viewed the world in the same manner as man in ancient times, seeing symbols everywhere and in everything.

Maybe we needed a man like Downard with his primativist eye to point out the occurrences that go beyond the realm of coicidence and synchronicity as being part of a much larger and sinister plot.


The Carnivals of Life and Death

That Downard worked without consulting references and leads as you or I might have done and worked from an alchemical view-point makes his work all the more incredible.

Mr. Marrs,

What is your take on this most incredible man and his most incredible theories?

Thank you,


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posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 05:00 PM
Howdy Bubba,

Okay, you are really taking us into left field now. First, understand that I am not that familiar with James Shelby Downard and his writings and secondly, once you start down the rabbit hole of alchemy, synchronicities and symbolism, you are in danger of losing your bearings unless you have your head screwed on pretty tight to begin with.

I am familiar with the argument that the JFK assassination was Masonic in character and there are facts to support this – Dallas being on the 33-degree latitude, Dealey Plaza being close to (but not on the banks of) the Trinity River and that many participants (Earl Warren, J. Edgar Hoover, Gerald Ford among others) were Freemasons. The main problem here is that one can no more lay blame on all Freemasons than one can blame all members of the CIA, US military, Mafia, Cubans, etc., although elements of all these seemed to have been employed in one way or another.

To even begin to truly understand the reality (if there is such) behind alchemical and metaphysical matters, requires much study and contemplation. I, like you, started out a child of the 1950s and 60s, schooled in math, science and disdainful, if not fascinated, with anything smacking of magic or the occult. But as I have aged and learned more and more, I am no longer constricted to such a narrow mindset. I have come to know, not just believe, that there are indeed more things under heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosophies (to rip off Shakespeare). As the gap of knowledge widens between one and his fellow humans, the chance that they will begin to think of him as mentally impaired grows smaller.

Since you (and perhaps a few others reading this) seem to seek more and better information of the topics addressed by Mr. Downard, let me recommend a trilogy entitled “Sinister Forces” by Peter Levenda (published by TrineDay) and “The Secret History of the World: as laid down by the Secret Societies” by Mark Booth (published by The Overlook Press). But be warned, these works are not for the superficial and narrow minded. To appreciate these issues requires both a broad mind and a broad knowledge of history as well as historical personages and philosophies. I cannot say I buy into all that Downard, Levenda and Booth present or conclude, but it makes for fascinating and thought-provoking reading which, in turn, cannot help but promote better understanding and that leads to wisdom.

Jim Marrs


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