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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 07:51 PM
Im here to discuss aliens.
Basically imo they are non existent and only propaganda used to boost ratings etc.
starting with the incident in arizona 1997.
The pheonix lights as people call it. Some stories are that they are an alien life force in there little space crafts. others say flares. some say it was a military jet with some lights under it. i personally believe the flares, sorry im just not into the "alien life force are real" type of deal. in my opinion if there was an alien life force which is invisible and has spacecrafts and technology way more advanced then our own , what is stopping them from invasion?? why hide at a distance and watch over us?
doesnt make sense. so back to the pheonix lights , what if the us military dropped some flares as a diversion like some say? the military then can continue to their plan since half of arizonas eyes are in the sky they can move something below with less chance of being seen by a civilian.

The 1977 radio hi-jacking by an alien force. c'mon people.... the radio company did that for higher ratings.... why the hell would aliens hijack a radio company -_-!!! this is my opinion of course...

There was an incident in mexico and this one is quite interesting. A mexico airplane takes off from an airport at the same time an un-identified aircraft is tracked by US radar , few minutes later it collides with the mexico aircraft , US spys on mexican radio and hears they have found the airplane and something else, US satelite captures 1 truck and 1 jeep in mexico and they offer assistance , Mexico declines. on the back of the truck is something round. they say the 2 vehicles stopped and US left to investigate and found all the mexicans dead. in my opinion , US chased down the 2 vehicles and killed all the mexicans there. Took whatever the mexican military found and blew up all the evidence. im sure some of you have heard of this incident.

Area 51. Im sure many of you have seen the interview, quite lame in my opinion -_-! i dont believe we are the only life living thing in the universe but i sure in the hell dont think other living organisms have a huge head , 2 huge eyes , and a GREY spandex suit on... cmon wtf =/ most lights people see are stars that burnt out millions of years ago and are barely even hitting earth.

seriously, why would a such "high technologied alien life force" watch over us ? what can they learn from a lower intelligent life force ^^. Why is it so hard to capture video of a real space craft and not a burnt out star.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 09:30 PM
If anyone could answer your question the question wouldn't be asked in the first place, Myself personaly believe in UFO'S because i have seen them with my own eye's and nobody can ever convince me what i saw with witnesses was from here on Earth, or at least made by Humans.

You need to recheck your stories however, the mexican incident i dont recall an airplane being involved, i thought it ws tracked by norad and the offer was made to help, that is when the US went in after watching everything on satellite, the rest of the story seems to be right but it is only a story without evidence.

The radio that you said was taken over i could be wrong but it was a TV station in the UK but as i said i could be wrong, The Phoenix lights where seen by to many witnesses to be dropped, the flares where dropped much later in an attempt to cover it up, you can not ignore the witnesses, my take on that is even though i didnt see them for myself, i find no reason to doubt the many people who did, and most of them very credible.

I fyou belonged to an alien race and you saw this mad human race rushing around blowing themselves up, shooting all kinds of crap at space without any concern as to the damage, wouldn't you be curious? and worried? you wouldn't want us finding your home world would you? i think they are here and have been longer than Homosapians.

I guess i dont see the problem debunkers have with the UFO community, after all we are doing absolutly no harm to them are we? so why do they go out of their way to make life hard and call us liars? because they are afraid thats why, they can't accept the fact there could be something that could interfere with their lives, because if ET did come down to visit their minds cannot accept the fact that we are not as intelligent as we thought. IMO of course.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 10:05 PM
He left out.....

Why would alien's travel light year's to watch us try there best to go unseen...ect....

But alien's got cocky and started making them crop circle's as proof they exist .... undeniable proof some say lol

but i do think something is flyign around the gverment wont say either OR maybe don't grasp it...

i saw a fleet i think they call it that when i was 16 with 5 other people..
adult's int here 40's at the time..

pitch dark around 10pm.
i counted 50 light's before i stoped counting....
they was in a swarm like bird's but was way up high and was out flying a passenger jet under neath them ....

only reason to this day i know soemthing is hiddin from our eye's and ear's.

Rember too we drove horse's for our main travel sytem untill last 120 years..

So there is no way anyone can say we know everything about EVERYTHING that goes on ..
we are basicaly monkey's that foudn out this stick fit's in a hole pull it out we get ant's...
i bet them monkey's was happy they thought of that stick idea huh lol

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by th3truth

There's no reason to believe that they don't look like a classic gray either.
Just a point...

But I have always wondered why some of these aliens seem to be painted as a benevolent watcher race, when in fact, there really is no reason why a sufficiently advanced culture would need us in any way, unless there's something we're missing. And that's the part I'm most worried about. Fact is, the government has already proven to us that UFOs and Aliens are part of the game. And I don't think they mind sharing the technology or the fact that there are aliens out there. But there is a problem. We believe in God, and we have strict belief systems set up around our various interpretations of God. And sometimes God is Benevolent, and sometimes God is a racist, xenophobic bigot, and we have to deal with it. I believe we created the Secret because we are so afraid. Afraid of God and the Devil, disease, terrorists, global warming, terrorists, George Bush, War, Terrorists, spinach, people with guns, people with knives, sharks, global warming again, God, Allah, Jehovah, terrorists(We're really supposed to fear this one.), kids with guns, poor countries with nukes, rich countries with nukes. Fact is, we live in a nervous fear rattled world and the only way we are EVER going to be prepared to meet anyone else is when we realize that we are one race, one people, all struggling the same for the same peace. And the secrecy lies within reason in many respects. The people in charge probably want us to slowly allow it time to sink into our minds and maybe they're right. Right now we are frightened of everything including our own shadows. Right now might not be the best time. We might find it prudent to meet them as diplomats rather than frightened children. But we shouldn't be stupid enough to hand ourselves over to a race just as lost in the Great Expanse as we are, no matter how advanced or long lived. The truth is, they can probably rely on us to do things they just can't. And we want their technology. Nothing wrong with that. It's trade. This is probably why we need a 1 world government. We need to be able to deal with this in a calm and diplomatic fashion. And we can't have one part of the world starting a war for the rest of the world. I don't think they are watching over us, I think they are watching us. We have some rather powerful matches to play with, and with the tech we don't know about, we probably have the means by which to deliver it. And we are aggressive when we get scared. I'd watch a race like this too. Just to cover my ass. There's no denying that humanity has perfected the processes of destruction. And to release that potential for great destruction on the rest of the galaxy is a merit worthy cause for surveillance.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 11:03 PM

Originally posted by th3truth
Im here to discuss aliens.
Basically imo they are non existent and only propaganda used to boost ratings etc.
starting with the incident in arizona 1997.

Perhaps you'd like to examine the Battle of Los Angeles? That was in 1942, long before (according to your theory here) the media began propagandizing us all...

I'm not claiming the B.O.L.A. to be the first recorded UFO event by any means, but your list picks a funny place to 'start' your theory. 1997 was just a decade ago, people have been reporting UFOs since before the Bible was written.

Here's a link to the current BOLA thread, if you'd like to examine the case for yourself. In this case, clearly neither the Gov't nor the media was propagandizing our own lack of defenses in a time of war...


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