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We need the fluid energy element to create light speed capable machines

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posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 04:30 AM
To make "Flying Saucers" or flying machines. or whatever you want to call them we need more elements. we have used all the resources on earth to build. Metals, water, earth, grains, rocks, wood. etc.

The Aliens have an element that we don't have. it's a way to control light and bend light. this comes naturally to their planet. it's like Oil on our planet. Yes, I've taken chemistry and you can make other elements using others. Gold is nice and silver is great, but that's only good for our jewelry and such. I don't know what this other natural resource is called, it could be that "Creation Energy" that I talk about. Or it could be a staff and a crystal that can start that effect. no matter how they extracted that element to build their ships. it's obvious we don't have it on earth and perhaps that why we can't make our vehicles depend on this light source as a type of battery or travelling mechanisn.

This could be what the government has been trying to figure out. in Area 51. they could have seen this element of light working and they have no clue how it works. maybe it will take us another 100 years to come up with a system to make it work. maybe we do have a way to create it here, but we are looking in the wrong places. it could be buried on a rock, under a stone or on the lost city of atlantis. it could also have been stolen and taken by pirates to the bermuda triangle and lost. whatever this other "element" is, we have no way of finding it on our planet.

but to the aliens, it's like picking it out of a flower. all they have to do is suck it out with staffs and put it into the machines. this element gives their machines life and powers them in a way we have never seen. I'm calling it the "fluid energy element" because it kinda looks like electricity. but it can be manipulated and controlled, the same way you make atoms react or melt gold. they know how to distract it and apply it to their flying machines. so now the question remains, is it in our planet or is it only found on their planet and why wont they share it with us? or would we even know how to use it. if we found this very limited element on our planet we could do wonders with it, or it could destroy us if we don't know how to use it.

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