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Anyone know anything of the Russian Grabovoy Affair?

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posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 02:22 AM
The official story is that Gregory (however you spell it) Grabovoy is a dangerous cult leader who cheats people out of their wealth of fraudulent claims that he can resurrect deceased people. He was detained for offering his fraudulent services to the victims of the Russian Beslan Crisis. He also developed some theory on (self-development?) not sure, but that theory is denounced as pseudoscience.

Now, there are two conspiracy theories. One is that he was detained by Putin/his supporters because he planned about running for president, and will be released after the Russian 08 elections. Another is that he was detained to suppress his theory of (self-development?)

Now, several questions:

1. What exactly was the "theory" he published?
2. Why was he detained?
3. Is he connected or going against the Global Elite?
4. I smell something in the Grabovoy Affair. Any information would be useful.


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