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[Youtubes x 3] Are they not kidding about Global Warming? Do 'they' know the end is near?

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posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 01:55 PM
Now to be specific by who 'they' are. I mean the mainstream political, corporative, government influenced media. What we consider, the collective voice of modern media. The voice of reliable indoctrination and tamer of the general publics minds etc. I do believe they are serious when they hint at our eventual extinction, in all the ways as demonstrated below.

I generally disagree with the idea that our 'carbon imprint' is the only thing raising earths temperature.

I subscribe to all the scientific stances taken on global warming, that it is cyclical, fueled by the sun, etc.

But I can admit, we are really packing heavy punches on the earth with our pollution on the ground, in the air, and the water... I don't think it's a far stretch to say we as a civilization (especially America) are sprinting to the finish line, when we should be doing our best to collectively stop and hold our breath.

What can be done to 'stop' global warming? I honestly think it's too late. Is there anything we can do to reverse the damage? We would have to stop harvesting the worlds lungs (forests), stop using and polluting the worlds waters, somehow cope with the changing climate and hope for the best. Instead, we continue to sprint, and all hope seems to slip further and further away.

Do 'they' know that it is already too late? Are we being fed real information from the highest echelon of intelligence as a way to assimilate us to the idea of collapse? Are the prison camps and underground bases a 'tin-hat conspiracy theory' or are they real for a reason?

There are alot of supposed 'sheeple' buying into the government fed information of global warming. But I don't call them sheeple. I think the information is real.

I think what really makes them 'sheeple' if anything, is their ability to shrug off the daily affirmation of unstoppable climate change by their most trusted informants (media).

Are they really 'scare mongering' viewers, or allowing the release of an avalanche of scientific whistleblowing in hopes that the public will know what's coming? A panicked population is not easy to control, a population slowly experiencing it's own demise is suggestible and easily manipulated.

The only thing we know, is that the finish line is waved in front of our face daily. 'Mainstream science' which is the voice of corporative and government opinion, supports consistently the idea that population and climate are out of control and will likely be decimated by natural catastrophe.

Likewise, while fair-weather skepticism was the flavor of the past, the general population is being encouraged to think further down the road. To the 'what ifs' or whens, of our eventual extinction.

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posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 12:05 AM
I have to admit that the thought has sometimes crossed my mind that maybe "They" know something and in a round about way have been putting out relevant information disguised as entertainment.

My reason for thinking this is the high volume of TV programs here in the UK teaching survival techniques, showing where to find food growing wild, showing how animals are slaughtered, basic cooking skills, self sufficiency growing your own food.... etc.

At first I half joked to my husband asking "you think they know something we don't and we are gonnae be needing these skills some time soon?" we both had a good laugh but now, a good few months or so later, even he is beginning to think it's a bit suspicious and that speaks volumes coming from him.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 02:27 AM
wow thats one of the biggest "fear tactics" ive ever seen!

If you don't by Al Gores movie use commercial "green" products. all society is going to brake down and you will die........ Ya that doesnt seem like people are being controlled by fear

side note during the 60's there was a major cool down and back then the extremists where saying stock up because its going to cool down more HAHA

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