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NEWS: Chinese Scientists to Head for Suspected ET Relics

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posted on Feb, 14 2004 @ 08:04 AM
Pyramids, caves and pipes near Mount Baigong in western China are believed to be left by extraterrestrial beings. A team of nine scientists will go to west China's Qinghai Province this month to closely examine the relics.

People's FULL article

The site, known by local people as "the ET relics", is on Mount Baigong about 40 kilometers to the southwest of Delingha City.

On the north of the mountain are twin lakes dubbed as the "lover Lakes", one with fresh water and the other with salty water.

"ET" pyramid, caves and pipes
The so-called ET relics structure is located on the south bank of the salty lake. It looks like a pyramid and is between 50 to 60 meters high.

At the front of the pyramid are three caves with triangular openings. The cave in the middle is the biggest, with its floor standing two meters above the ground and its top eight meters above the ground.

This cave is about six meters in depth. Inside there is a half-pipe about 40 centimeters in diameter tilting from the top to the inner end of the cave. Another pipe of the same diameter goes into the earth with only its top visible above the ground.

Above the cave are a dozen pipes of various diameters which run into the mountain.

posted on Feb, 14 2004 @ 01:31 PM
Hang on, I read an article exactly like this about a year ago. I they were sending people there to check it out then...

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