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Where is all this Tumoil in the stocks leading (long run)

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posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 09:56 AM
Hi all this my first post here but love the site!

Saw today on sky that Umbro is getting taken over by nike and it got me thinking

a lot of big "Corporations" have been merging, taking over each other Banks etc

With no end in sight to the current re balance of wealth (Death of the petro-Dollar) will we see a complete monopoly by some Corporations in some industry's? if so what would this really mean with not so much competition prices will rise, R&D would slow and so on any English readers might get this

"Tesco ever bit helps to take over the world"

or you yanks

"A Googleplex coming to a Street near you soon!"

Are we heading towards governments heavily in the hands This big big Corps?

Just some thoughts

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