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Would you want an NWO if you were an Elitist?

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posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 01:48 AM
How bad could an Authoritarian or NWO Government be IF your an Authority figure?
Some time back this is the question that I asked myself and thats why I was completely in agreement with the idea of being on the Elitist side of an NWO/Military side of Government and this is why.

When I was younger and my Father was a Cop, a pretty high level one in the Dallas PD he always gave us the impression that we were above the law, at least in Dallas County and in a lot of ways we were.
When I would get pulled over and it happened quite a bit, the cop would see the sticker on the windshield and ask who the officer in the family was and maybe ask for his badge number, then send me on my way after a handshake.
One particular day that I recall, I was about 16 and I was going about 95 mph down I-35 in Dallas, the cop asked me where the hell I was going so fast to.
I told him I was late picking up my Father at work. He asked me where he worked at and I told him, the same place you do, Southeast Substation.
He laughed, shook my hand and said hurry up then its been a rough day there.
I havent drank for years but I couldnt tell you how many times that I was pulled over for driving very intoxicated, even as young as 15 and let go or they would call my dad to pick me up.
The reason I mention these memories isnt because I'm trying to brag, I mention them because I understand what it is like to be on what I now consider to be the "other side"
I was very arrogant and very pro law enforcement, under any circumstances.
All the way through my mid 20's I believed that we should be living under an Authoritarian or NWO type rule. In fact, I recall one of GHW Bush's speeches, where he actually called for the furthering of the creation of a New World Order and I was psyched about it.
What did I have to worry about, my Dad was a Cop and I was on my way to becoming one. I would be on the Authority side of any future Authoritarian Rule, not the "peasants" side.
Luckily about the time I was getting ready to apply to the academy I became a father and my priorities and my thinking began to change.

There wont be an NWO where everyone is rich, the religions stop fighting and theres freedom happiness for all.
It will be a true Orwellian nightmare in my opinion, one where we will only think and say what THEY allow us to.
The politicians, the judges, the military and the law enforcement will run even more rampant with corruption and mis-use of power and I preferred a future where I would have been the benefactor of that corruption, instead of the victim.
I say all of this because I had just a little taste what its like to have just a little power that some others in my circle didnt have.
Im just glad that I wasnt the son of a high level military official or born into wealth, that couldve created a monster.

To some extent, I still think im better than most people, which is why I dont associate with a lot of people anymore. Is that wrong? Sure it is but its the result of 25 years of conditioning but at least I feel like I'm on the right side now.

Wow, if you read all of this, you have way to much time on your hands

I really think I just wrote it for me though, maybe to remind me where I was compared to where I am now in my beliefs.

posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 01:50 AM
Power Is Power. Good And Evil Don't Enter Into The Equation.

posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 03:11 AM
You make a good point Kronos. If any of us decided to tripssy on over to the authorities in a cheneyesque moment after shooting a guy in the face 12 hrs later, I think they'd have some 'xplainin' to do. They need us ants to run their economy. You think they are going to roll up their sleeves and make widges and bidges, or clean their own toilets. I feel faint just thinking of it lol. I love the new car ins. commercial where GW and Billy are dragging out their limos. And the one where W gets caught in mud with Barney. I can see some mud covered SS agents in real life.

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