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Predictions - Failin World Economy

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 06:18 PM
I predict that the Fed will again lower intersest rates.

The World Economy is failing, more home fore-closures, more famine, more War.

Yes I know this is Obvious, and although I've watched the site for years, I just now joined.

My advise is invest in gold or silver, diamonds or platinum. I see the day when thte US Dollar will be worthless -- as we have seen some countries no longer accepting it. -- That is BAD news for the US.

I also predict that OPEC will again up the amount of oil output, and even Iran may get too -- thru food and relief-type programs. Russia will increase oil output as well to profit, and we will sit on our butts while we have millions of barrels in the Gulf, and Alaska.-- are we keeping these as a reserve???

I predict that G.W. Bush will walk away form the "mess" he created, wipe hands on pants, and go back to TX.

The retirement of F-15's and F-117's obviously means we have something new that we know nothing of yet... Remember how long it took the Gov. to admit we had F-117??? Years.

And whtat futher bothers me is that the Gov. is retiring these when they are still "mission capable". Only 1 has been shot down.

They World Stock Markets will plummet, as more BIG Investment companies, i.e. Citi Bank, start to go belly up.

No matter what we do can save this. It's in a downward spiral and out of control.

Your thoughts please.

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posted on Feb, 17 2008 @ 05:07 PM
I think when things get desperate (which they are ) desperate measures are drawn up. large gov't intervention and bailout's may be creatively developed to try to keep the system afloat (banking institution's primarily) unemployment will get out of control as well as those the former statistics omit (those already considered out of the work force) . We will need a huge gov't subsidized work program , kinda like the one obama proposed but x 10.

I think the U.s could just say simply we are cancelling our debt to our foreign creditors, the IMF will allow the creditors to use the iou's in purchasing certain things, but the U.S will not formally "default". I think they may just draw up a provison to cancel debt, how other country's take this i don't know, but most of them are linked at the hip to the u.s consumer model of world business so their response may surprise u.

The bigger question may be personal debt and i don't think that debt will be cancelled or "forgiven" and then people would become debt slaves. although you never know on this one.

posted on Feb, 21 2008 @ 04:20 AM
I feel that the U.S. economy will spiral down, and China will be the only economic big boy on the block.
I read a report a couple of months ago that stated that every citizen's share of the U.S. national debt is $30,000.00. That is alot of money!

As far as "debt slaves". There used to be Debters prison's in Europe in colonial times, and that is why alot of people came to America. The question is, can it happen again???????? The Irs and Treasurey Dept. can come in at any time, if you owe the government any money and take what ever they want!


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