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Keeping us locked on thinking about the End Of The World is exactly what They want

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 03:35 PM
Today, all us, conspiracy theory people, are thinking about is the End Of The World is coming, 2012, the World War III, Alien Invasion, New World Order, Bio Weapons, destruction of all mankind and all other black versions of the future.

All these thoughts, no matter how awake we think we are, are here to keep us afraid.

And fear is the tool of the New World Order government. Keeping us locked on thinking about the End Of The World is exactly what They want. The easiest way to destroy a nation is to make them destroy each other.

The human mind is indeed very powerful, and yes, we can fully use 100% of our brains and we can fully use our so-called "Junk DNA". We are capable to change the future - because we are what we think. And we create the world with the energy of our thoughts. And the New World Order government knows it. And they use it.

That's why we are lead to think that we're awake and we make difference by building up Doom Scenarios for the future and the End Of The World. We think that we can prevent the New World Order by thinking up conspiracy theories and Doom Scenarios - but instead we are actually helping them to build it.

You have to understand that WE are letting them create the New World Order - with the very energy of our thoughts. They use us as a tool. They always did.

"The emotional bodies of humans are vulnerable at this time so it is important to be vigilant about your thoughts. Try to keep hold of a positive vision for the future of this planet in spite of what you are hearing and reading. Imagine how great things could be and remind yourself of all the amazing things humans are capable of. This could be picturing clean alternative fuel sources becoming available globally or simply having harmonious and positive interactions with every person you encounter each day.

We can sum this up as striving to maintain constructive thoughts about yourself and the world. The difference this can make to your well-being during this cycle of change is profound. It is precisely the kind of antidote needed to counter-act all the unsettled energy that is around at the moment."

The more you think about World War III, New World Order, the End Of The World, the Doomsday scenario, etc - the more it will actually happen.

They have control over you - and they manipulate you - even here on ATS.

Don't let them use you. Shield your mind.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 04:12 PM
I agree with you. Years ago I read a book by Napoleon Hill titled "Think and Grow Rich" that was an analysis of the methods and mentality of successful people, derived mostly from interviews he did with many of the great industrialists of the early 1900s including Carnegie and Ford. They all indicated either directly or indirectly that the most important thing you can do to achieve a goal is to create and hold a positive image of it in your mind and dont muddy the image with thoughts of failure. There might not be anything "mystical" at work here- keeping your mind sharp and focused allows you see opportunity and gives you an advantage because you recognize it as such and are ready to capitalize upon it when it comes along .

I commented a few days ago about the perversion of "Educational" programming on TV. Click on the brainwashing tube right now and scroll through the "History" and "Science" channels (If you have digital service- otherwise browse your TV guide) and you will see what I am talking about. The "history" channel is nothing of the sort, it is filled with nothing but crap trying to frighten us into believing the end is near- "Megadisasters", "Is the Antichrist among us?", "When Yellowstone Erupts" etc. repeated over and over again. Not to mention that NONE of these shows has anything to do with the declared sunbject of the channel. And it isnt just that channel- every single one of this type of channel is playing the same stuff - swapping the same "programs" back and forth between them in a never ending fear frenzy. My only "fear" is that the PTB are planning something big and are conditioning people to accept it.

Interesting times lay ahead folks- stay tuned.....

posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 03:49 AM

Originally posted by ItsHumanNature
They all indicated either directly or indirectly that the most important thing you can do to achieve a goal is to create and hold a positive image of it in your mind and dont muddy the image with thoughts of failure.

Indeed - the power of the human mind is greater that we think it is. Actually the Shield Your Mind technique is also known from Buddhism - Dalai Lama always says that the mind has to be shielded and disciplined in order to protect it from the negative energies.

So, all these New World Order, End Of The World, World War III and 2012 Rapture predictions and theories are made to entrap our minds and keep us thinking about the horrible future that is ahead of us. And the more we think about it - the more it becomes real.

And the less we think about it - the less it becomes real.

Maybe the only way to fight the Illuminati/NWO Government/Whatstheirname is to shield your minds and keep thinking positive. To stay balanced and in good energy. Don't let any negative energies affect you. Because almost any negative energy that is trying to infiltrate your mind can be originated from Illuminati/NWO Government/Whatstheirname.

So why not we all start thinking about that there is a great future that is ahead of us? Why don't we all start thinking that there will be world peace and all wars will cease?
Why don't we all start thinking that the world holds love, peace, wisdom, clarity and light?

Why don't we all start thinking about that?

Let's do it!

Starting right now.

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