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Mormon leader Gordon Hinckley dies at 97

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posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 10:14 PM

Hinckley served as president of the Salt Lake City-based church since 1995 and has been a member of its top leadership since the 1960s. He died about 7 p.m. Sunday (9 p.m. ET) with his family by his side, church officials announced.

I just learned about this only a few minutes ago, as my dad walked in from a visit to our stake president, where someone from Utah phoned him and told them that Gordon Hinckley had died about an hour ago, at age 97.

He was the leader of the Mormon church, the equivalent of the Pope in Catholicism, and he had been leading the Mormon church since 1995. On a personal level, as a Mormon, I will miss him. His talks were always full of spirituality, wisdom, and humour. I never personally met him, but I did see him speak twice in person, when he came to my hometown on separate occasions. He will be sorely missed by the Mormon community.


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