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Late night ramble

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posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 07:16 PM
I watched that Al Gore movie a few weeks ago, and noted with interest his remarks about the world population jumping post 1940’s from two to six billion etc (over sixty years of course); generally thought to be the results of efforts to combat high infant mortality and social changes, religion etc.

It must have been obvious to the powers in charge that over population would be a bad thing in the long term; but I can’t help but wonder if nothing was done in order to increase numerous economies perhaps because they need additional money for something, say feeding the Military industrial complex I keep reading about on these types of sites or some other dubious motive.

Trouble is with all the problems facing us in the future (fuel, food, water, $-Vs-€ etc), I really can’t get past the idea that the easiest way to make them go away or reduce the impact is to make about four-five billion of us go away; and that to some people in elite circles this is a viable option (they can keep their oil etc as there would be more to go around).

Whether it’s nuclear terrorism, global changes or ‘Marvin the Martian’ in our future; perhaps nothing gets done not because of corruption, incompetence or good old greed, but because they expect it too be resolved by some other means? Which does not favour any of us.

Sorry it’s late; this is probably a rehash and probably reads like a ramble.

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