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Please Wake up the alarm has sounded

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posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 11:01 PM
If you had not noticed, the US republican presidential election has been usurped by the MSM (Main Stream Media). As an outside observer, i.e from the UK I can see the bias in my own domestic media which spout the same contrivances as the domestic US media. i.e. certain candidates are being snubbed by the MSM because of their belief and that the run against the status quo. IMHO the status quo needs to be changed, look at the world.

The US and UK media have tried to blame the stock market crashes in the Uk on "Black monday" in the UK and "Black tuesday", in the US on a rogue french trader WTF? So some french trader made the markets drop or adjust by several million dollars. is he route cause of global recession, give me a break of course he is not, the economic policies put forward by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England coupled together with the loose lending practices in the last decade are to blame.

I say this as I have witnessed first hand the lending practice of consumer banking organisations, which at the time I thought were reckless talking from an ecomonic standpoint. Are the MSM insane to blame a rogue french trader, i think they are because they are covering the behinds of those who own them.

This is not a US only problem, the UK's media are just as insane as they are owned by the same interests.

On another note, our unelected ruler of the UK, Gordon Brown, whilst Chancellor of the Excequer, before he became Reichs Fuhrer Brown, He who used to control the UK's economic policy in the UK, thought it was a good idea to sell £4 Billion of the UK gold reserves on the open market in 1999, when gold was trading at its lowest. Needless to say it was a bad idea, who in their right mind would sell at a historicallt low price?

This is a chancellor, who as reichs fuhrer, i mean prime minister has sold the UK's citizens rights out to a european superstate, after promising a referendum on the EU constitution, which was rejected by france and holland.

Instead of being above board, this nefarious individual, instead if giving the UK's population a referendum and vote on the matter he signed away the UK's rights, after unelected bureaucrats in brussels changed the name from constitution to something inconsequential, but similar, and with the same content Gordon Brown signed the deal behind closed doors in a monastery in Lisbon on 17/12/07.

If this is not Treason I do not know what is. To sell out your country to another under false pretences and subvert the ruler of law by usurping it. Sounds like treason, Smells like treason? Oh I forgot I am not in the political class so, what I want and what I say amounts to jack S***.

People of the USA and all the countries of Europe, Wake the hell up as all the politicians are paid professional liars, just like lawyers and PR and adverising people.


I had to repeat that three times as this is standard practice in the edward bernays / joseph goebbals, school of advertising / school of propaganda.

Please wake up in the US, UK and Europe, the economic system is based on the belief that an abstract is worth something although it it created from thin air, (Money), and those who control the abstract control those who work for the abstract. You ar enslaving yourselves based on an abstract belief, on which is not based in reality.

Please wake up and realise that you are a slave to the ones who control the supply of money, that which most of you hold as the be all and end all of existance.

Abstract = Belief

Belief = Faith

Money = Abstract

Lose faith in the monetary system, cease being a slave to it.



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posted on Feb, 9 2008 @ 10:51 PM
having read this I must say apart from the obvious spelling mistakes i can say that I agree.

posted on Feb, 9 2008 @ 11:00 PM
reply to post by djaybeetoo

Yes, yes we know and thank you so much for warning us (pat on the head) we appreciate your concern but we like our sleep, relish it actually. We understand and agree with everything that you have said but we choose to sleep because when we wake up the nightmare begins and it scares us and makes us feel powerless and small. As long as we continue to get our toys and our pills we will continue the charade...
Yes we know it's sad but it is so true.

posted on Feb, 9 2008 @ 11:19 PM
Thank you for your swift response to my taking the mickey/pee response to my original rant. to be honest iwa in a bad place whilst posting the first post. But I stil think that people need to wake the heck up. Just thist week the UK govt want to fluoridate the water, the same week that scientific american is saying that fluoridation is toxic and can harm health. I guess I pay too much attention as most others pay none

Everyday the govt's of western powers US/UK etc bring forth more legislation to curb the freedoms of their citizens, what does the citizenry do, watches Big Brother, Pop/American/Idol etc WTF the rubbish that is on television at the moment makes your IQ reduce by 20 points if you enter a room where this product is playing

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posted on Feb, 22 2008 @ 09:38 PM
Sorry guys, I freaked out.

posted on Feb, 22 2008 @ 09:51 PM
You know, it's kind of sad that at my new job I actually have to be careful what I say lest I want to be looked at as a "freak". Most everybody was either voting for Obama, Hillary or McCain, when I told them I was voting for neither because they were completely incompetent and not fit to run this country, and that I was actually going to vote for Ron Paul they just stood quiet and turned their heads away and even sounded that they were trying not to listen the reasons why I was voting for Ron Paul. They just seemed to have lost interest. Sad really. They're only willing to listen when we're talking about the candidates in the MSM, but god forbid someone comes up with a different alternative.

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