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personal assessment

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posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 01:34 PM
After first looking into the ufo/alien/conspiracy subjects in 1991, and continuing on up to more intense/diverse studies from 2001-2005, before taking a break from 2006-07, the following is a personal assessment from an amateur investigator:

Yes, there are some conspiracies (though it is hard to prove, with some being proved more readily), and yes, there are aliens and ufo's with ample evidence (in many books, eyewitness testimonies, freedom of info act, informed speculations, documentaries, etc).

One need go no further than the rather comprehensive History Channel tv shows (UFO Files, Decoding the Past, etc) for mainstream reference and well put together research, views, theories, ideas, evidence etc... (take for instance, the tv titled Hist Chan shows- An Alien History of Planet Earth, Reverse Engineered UFO's, or similar title, the various incident shows, Russian Roswell, Texas Roswell, Deep Sea UFO's, Deep Sea UFO's Red Alert, Washington D.C. Incidents, etc), the excellent documentary, Into the Blue.

So my speculation is that, yes, there are aliens (of various species, Nordic, Reptillian, Greys and some others less known). And yes, they travel in interdimensional spacecrafts (the widely held kind, silver metallic saucer discoid type, among other types like perhaps the govt/military flying triangular types).

There are conspiracies holding sway over the UFO/Alien enigma and phenomena.

There probably wont be official govt disclosure anytime soon, as there is assuredly a kind of war going on between various et factions and our military/govt., that if revealed would certainly disturb many average citizens and their religions/social structure/transportation/energy sources/communications tech etc

There are undersea and underground bases and tunnel systems used by ultra-terrestrials (very advanced humans), et's, military, and the super elite humans (even advanced magnetic leviton tube shuttles covering the U.S. and the world most likely, travel time from L.A. to N.Y. under 2hrs compared to a 5hr conventional airliner).

There are transdimensional capable spacecraft/ufo's.

There are transdimensional supernatural beings (angels masquerading as et's, and et's masquerading as angels).

Time travel is possible although used by only very advanced races or angels and is rare.

Demons of religious lore are most likely the reptillian aliens of interdimensional ability (and sometimes possess humans, especially if they are open to it, and their dna genetics predispose them to it)

The Earth's civilizations go back much further than our modern academic textbooks claim, 100,000's of years to legendary mythical times if not more milennia's.

Well, I am sure that most here at ATS aleady know these things, and that many are debatable or merely re hashed speculation, and I attest these things in my opinion are real and true (based on my instincts and research and some experiences).

Just thought I would get these things off my mind, and out there.

Don't know if this post was worthwhile or not.

Hoped to share some of this with ATS.

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 02:21 PM
reply to post by kindakeen

The one thing I have a problem with is extra-dimensional beings and this whole masquerade for the sake of the monkey men down on earth..It makes no sense. Anyone with that much power would not need this whole tangled web of control. This is not to say the living in a phased-out dimension isn't possible...Just not likely. Consider this:

Science has discovered Meta-materials that can effectively cloak visible and non-visible light.

EM fields CAN manipulate gravity and are probably used by the ETs and the government(TR-3b).

These technologies put together can make it seem like a craft is coming from another dimension...Cause it just seems to sit there in the sky..And it seems to appear from nowhere. Cloaking device. Finely tuned version of our technology using meta-materials. We've created wormholes using meta-materials for light only as of now.

We've managed to teleport an atom from one place to another. We've achieved alot in just the last 40 years, "independently" of the government(There are those who maintain that any new current technology is alien based to some degree or another).

We are not what you would call extra-dimensional. We exist in a 3 spatial 4 time universe, as far as our perception can take us. And yet we seem to be acheving the same technological achievements as these ETs. So how is this any different?

Like I said. This is my only problem..I've done ALOT of UFO and EBE research and have found nothing to support extra-dimensional beings. I have alot of the same FOIA docs that I'm sure everyone here does. I have damn near every credible UFO report sitting in my computer's HD. I have the COMETA report, the executive summary of the Disclosure project and all of their witness testimony, And I have A HUGE collection of advanced physics papers published over the last 15 years or so, and have still found nothing to support the claim of extra-dimensional aliens beings. If you can come up with better info than my 8 years of serious scientific study then by all means present it. But here on ATS we expect you to back up your claims with SOME shred of evidence. And after 8 years I've been able to find none to support that hypothesis. Extra-planetary. Yes, definitely, I don't doubt that one bit. But extra-dimensional is a whole other things. And if you wanna know why. Just look up every technical paper on string theory. This is sound science, not yet tested, but mathematically valid.

These things considered I really need to ask for some real scientific evidence of such claims. Otherwise I can't say I can lean in that direction...Especially after all I've read and seen.

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 02:35 PM
Yes, my conclusions are merely speculation based on some personal experiences. I know i'll catch alot of flak here at ATS, as I know many take a hard scientific stance concerning these matters. Just because i read some fringe supposedly factual non-fiction claiming book, does not mean it is true. But I have read so many that detail similar events, theories, sightings, experiences that I tend to believe them.

The COMETA report by France was interesting.

As far as extra-dimensional beings goes, I would classify ghosts (perhaps better described as supernatural or departed spirits)and angels as dimensional beings, and i would rather say that the aliens, ultra elite humans, have trans-dimensional capability (without going too far into semantics).

An interesting note: in the movie Signs, a ufo craft has a cloaking ability and a bird hits it and falls downward, amazing what gets put into movies and perhaps is shown to further a gradual release concerning these matters.
You are certainly more scientifically bent than i am, so good on ya, thanks for responding, I know many of my statements sound too fantastic, but we do indeed live in a world that mystifies science and is more complex than outwardly appearing.

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 03:02 PM
Oh I don't disagree at all. A very valid point on spirits...Which DOES make more sense. But at the same time it can't be proven YET. So lets let that one sit on the back burner for now. It's not a bad subject, just a subject we have no data on, only speculation. And believe me, alot of those books you've read sound very scientific as well..But lack the processes needed for it to be called science.

Aside from that. We DO have the science needed to explain ET crafts. And we DO have the preliminary means of testing these theories. Which is exactly what the science calls for. But we know enough to construct a working theory, which is more than we need to study this issue. And we have the APPLIED science to explain it. It doesn't have to be extra dimensional when interstellar is a more viable model. So lets stick to what we know. Which is our dimensions and our physics and work our way up. Trust me when I say this. I have found more proof for ETs in this manner than in any other. Even studying ancient texts didn't help nearly as much as just observing the phenomenon and reading the science journals on what I thought the systems followed might be. Trust me. This approach in one that alot of UFO researchers lack. They tend to go for the esoteric explanations when in fact there are none. It's all allegorical in ancient texts, but if you trace the lines with modern science...Well you come up with UFOs and EBEs.

posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 06:20 PM
cant seem to find the edit function,

I wanted to correct,

the name of the excellent documentary was Out of the Blue (not Into the Blue), a Definitive Investigation of UFO's made in 2004 (i think), unfortunately it is currently unavailable (except for an outrageous price).

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