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The Universal Health Care Conspiracy.

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posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 01:48 AM
We're in a lot of trouble...

Back in 2004, many Democrats were aghast when GWB won the re-election. The media explained to us how it was the Evangelical vote that tipped the scales with gay marriage on some ballots and pro-life on their minds.

Essentially... The republican party pushed the churches to talk about gay marriage which got people to vote for Bush.

Now we can Fast Forward to 2008...

The conspiracy is that the American people have been sold Universal Health Care (UHC) - and they aren't even aware that they never asked for it... Just as the gay marriage issue played out in '04 - so the UHC issue will play out in '08.

In 2007, Michael Moore put out a nice movie about UHC and, of course, the Democrats are all talking about UHC. MANY people I talk to online cite "Sicko" as the best movie for learning all about health care...

Perhaps it is just how politics runs it's course... But something inside me is screaming that none of this is adding up. We're finishing up the most UNCONSTITUTIONAL administration ever (my opinion) in this country, wouldn't the American people as a whole want a leader who talks about keeping the government focused on the constitution?

The government doesn't offer auto insurance. They don't have a program to help people buy houses. Why in the world would we want them to give us health insurance? Look what they did to our Education System. Look at FEMA - what happens if we get another Mike Brown in charge of UHC? And lastly, look at the VA...

So I've been thinking about UHC and our country... I decided to look up some things. If you support UHC, the following videos are MUST SEE:

You can watch Michael Moore talk about how Medicare and Medicaid are "underfunded":

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