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comments on various ufo/conspiracy books

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posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 01:37 PM
I first started my ufo/conspiracy quest with the books 'The Watchers' by Fowler, and 'Star People' and 'Star Born' by Brad Steiger.

That was in 1991. Over the years I began to collect various other books, like 'The Fellowship', 'The Rainbow Conspiracy', 'UFO Odyssey' and others, some of the New Age feel good type (which I soon tired of).

The best books I have come across were Jim Marrs 'Alien Agenda' (a great overview of the subject) and 'Rule by Secrecy'. Marrs' books are the few ones I have kept since giving my books away to libraries (and throwing some David Icke books away).

In 2001, I first looked into David Icke with 'Children of the Matrix', I started collecting all of his books. Much of his books contain the same material with a little more elaboration in each along the way.

I recently acquired David Icke's book 'Everything You Need to Know About the Global Conspiracy' and 'Infinite Love is the Only Truth' published in 2007 and 2005 respectively. I wanted to give Icke another read and chance. I dont agree with all his views and theories but I realize there is something wrong with our world and Icke seems to know some of it.

I also used to have 'The Matrix III-V' books by Val Valerian of Leading Edge Research (formerly Nevada Aerial Research), which were expensive velo bound lengthy books with interesting views and theories. The Alternate History Chronology book was interesting. It had alot of dates and speculations concerning the Nazi's and their survival after WWII. Really sensational speculations (which made me skeptical of them).

I also used to have the Sky Books Montauk Experiment books, about the Nazi's ('The Black Sun...') and time travel speculations/experiments.

I also had some wildly speculation books by Commander X (a psuedonym) and Branton (another psuedonym), which talked about reptillians and underground/undersea bases and conspiracies.

I had a Timothy Good book 'Alien Base'.

I am debating whether or not to buy one more Icke book I used to have 'Children of the Matrix' and one sole Timothy Good book, the recent 'Need to Know' which I found really interesting while reading and skimming it at the bookstore the other day for 2hrs.

I do not plan to re-buy all the other various books, I learned a little, laughed a little, and was entertained a little by some of these various books I mention, especially the more fascinating wild speculating supposed non-fiction books.

I dont know if half of what I read might be true (I surely feel some of it is), but my novice research was worth the effort, money and time.

Anyone have any comments about the fore mentioned books?

edit: I also found this research to be disturbing in many ways and scary. I did not mean in my comments about my research to belittle in any form this field of study which is really a serious field and that needs more light shed on it. I merely meant to say, It is a good idea to keep a sense of humour about it as you go along and not become too disturbed about it all or obsessed with it.

Also, I had some videos by Alex Jones and David Icke which I found disturbing and sensational and fear inducing, though thought provoking and useful in their own ways.

A couple of books i forgot to mention: 'The Bible and Flying Saucers' and 'Alien Encounters' which both had a religious view.

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