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Russia will not develop a global AMB system.

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posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 12:23 PM
Interfax reports;

As strategic space forces colonel-general Vladimir Popovkin announced, there is no need for creation of such system.

He stated;

“Ones we’ve already engaged in the arms race for creation of the Strategic defense initiative (SOI) which would have created a defensive nuclear umbrella. I for one consider that doing so is simply impossible. There is no reason to do it.”

Popovkin clarified, that protection from nuclear strikes should extend only to large military groups and most important objects (areas), with out forcing ABM arms race.

As he says; “Currently it can not be stated that somewhere it is possible to create an absolutely reliable global AMB system. Worlds scientific/technical level is not ready for a project this complex.”

So it looks like this time Russians are not buying into the Reagans “Space Wars” “adventure”.

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 09:06 AM
Very interesting Iskander.

However, I read the article as follows: Russia will not create global system ABOUT, informs "Interfax".

In opinion ordering space armies general-colonel Vladimir Popovkina, in creation of such system is not present necessity. " We already once tried to participate in race from the USA in occasion of the Strategic defensive initiative (the program of the SOYA) on creation of a umbrella from the nuclear weapon. I, for example, consider, that it is unreal to make. In it there is no sense ", - it has told.

According to поповкина, from rocket impacts it is necessary to protect large groupings of armies and the most important objects, avoiding retraction in race of antimissile arms.

" Now it is impossible to approve, that creation of absolutely reliable global system somewhere is possible ABOUT. The world scientific and technical reserve is not ready to it yet ", - the commander has noted.

References on a theme
- "Бук-М1" will provide air defence of Transbaikalia -, 15.01.2008
- С-400 has managed to amaze the hypersound and ballistic purposes -, 26.07.2007
- Air defence of Russia will be annually received with one-two shelf С-400 -, 16.03.2007
- Russia will unite air defence and ABOUT in a uniform complex -, 13.03.2007

Of course Colonel-General Vladimir Popovkina is head of the so called Russian 'Military Space Forces' and by THAT we should read, recon sats and ballistic rocket forces - a bit like the 'NRO meets SAC'.

Another reason could be that those canny Ivans may have deployed the lasers they designed and developed at Sary Shagan [46°12'N 73°48'E] in the 60/70/80's.

Those of us in JAARIC 'knew' they had an operational system and one can only assume that when the shuttle was lased that the Russians were announcing to the world that their 'defensive unbrella' was up and running.

I know you'll disagree Iskander - you always do.

posted on Feb, 13 2008 @ 12:19 AM
I don’t even have a faintest ides what it is you mean.

You used an incredibly inaccurate automatic translator which simply butchered every single sentence, and you point is what exactly?

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