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ATS.MIX: SE06 - Jerry E. Smith – “Weather Warfare”

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posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 09:18 PM

Jerry E. Smith – “Weather Warfare” - SE06

In this ATS MIX Special Edition, Dave has a candid conversation with Author Jerry E. Smith. They discuss everything from Star Trek having underlying meanings, the movie Space Cowboys, Scientology and being a monk for almost 10 years, HAARP and his most recent book “Weather Warfare” which discusses the possibility of governments using the world’s weather to wage war. It is a fun interview with lots of surprises, including Jerry’s “SCALE” on judging the fairer sex’s appeal factor.

VISIT Jerry E. Smith’s HOME PAGE

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length: 79:47
file: atsmix_2775.mp3
size: 37404k
feed: atsmix

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