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Dinosaur demise theory is soaking wet

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posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 08:43 PM
I have poeted on this particular topic previously, and then even sadi the answers aren't finished yet.
I understand we learn about our future's by looking into the past, but with the ever changing technology and new discoveries, it seems as if we rewrite the history books a little more differently every time a new discovery shedds more insight to all the probable answers with no one absolute question to tell it to us all.
The articles omplications of the "Killer" impact of the dinosaurs extinction form the area of Chicxulub off the Yachutan Penninsaula there definately would be different scenarios to the effects of impacting into deeper waters, for the whole of life on this planet.
Very good read, very insightful of thinking down different scenario outlooks of what 'Really' did take place when the extinction was put into play, both on the day of the impact, and for what could of been centuries of aftermath readaption for this planet to continue with different kinds of life.

The images also show the crater contained sulfur-rich sediments that would have reacted with the water vapor to create sulfate aerosols. These compounds in the atmosphere would have made the impact deadlier by cooling the climate and producing acid rain.



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