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I think i saw something today?

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posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 09:24 AM
Hi im just posting this as a record of what I i think i saw. but feel free to say what you wish.

I live in Brisbane, Australia. and was on my way home from a major shopping complex via bus at about 2:30-3:15pm. im not to sure about the time. it was a rather metiocre day, and was just sitting one the right side of the bus looking out the window as i usually do. as the bus was getting closer to my stop i looked out of the window looking over the top of a warehouse shop between sets of trees. and for a split second. I think I saw a ufo. i wasnt going to post this because im not sure I even saw anything, and its probably not worth looking into. because I only saw it for a very short time.

but for the split second I saw this thing between the trees in the sky. Here's a description of what I think I saw.

It was a 2 layered disc shaped object. It was 2 shades of grey. and looked as if it were tilted at an angle not quite 45 degrees, but close to it. It also looked like I could see the bottom of it, just by the angle it was on. I cant fathm a distance of how far away it was. or how big it was.

I couldnt see much as the bus was moving and i only saw it between the gap between the trees for a second. but for the rest of the bus ride i kept looking at the area and around the area in the sky to see if i could still see it. or to tell what it was, if anything. but I couldn't see anything at all.

I Dont know maybe i am going a little cooky with paranoia.

I just want to know if anyone else here is from brisbane and saw it aswell?

so i know im not going a little crazy through paranoia, because ive been interested in the Texas sightings posted here on ATS and the TU-24 Asteroid that will soon pass.

I havent told anyone about it,and probably wont. I want to wait and see if anything comes foward. and maybe discuss with someone about it to find out if it was actually anything at all. and if so, see if it matches anything thats been seen recntly?

Edit: i forgot to add todays date. 21/1/08

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