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What is going on with SETI and Dr Greer

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posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 07:59 AM
A few days ago i was listening to Coast to Coast AM and the presenter of this program was having an interview with one of the two senior scientist of SETI. BTW this was a recorded program and have no idea from what date.

The name of this leading scientist is Seth, i forgot his sirname. It was George Noory, i belief, who asked Seth if it is true that SETI is holding signals from ET back. According to Dr Greer (Disclosure Project) it is a fact that a leading scientists of SETI told him this. Seth said to have tried to contact Dr Greer and ask him who this scientist is because it is not him and can hardly belief that it is his colleague. What ever Seth tried he seems not to be able to talk with Dr Greer. He has the impression that Dr Greer is trying to avoid him.

Seth made it vey clear in the radioprogram that SETI is not in business of cloak and dagger and is rather surprised of the little interest of the government or US army in their findings or methods.

My question is if someone knows if Dr Greer has truely said this about SETI and if there is somekind of 'disclosure'about this situation. And what your thoughts are if it turns out to be true that Dr Greer has said this to spice things up.

My opinion is that it would be a shame if he has lied about this and that i would doubt many of his personal experiances with ET's. He would also have discredited many people who trusted him with their own personal stories and especially those who came forward in the Disclosure Project. He has started something very mportant with that project and I can hardly belief that he would be so stupid to jeopardize all of his efford with such an insignificant lie.

posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 08:31 AM
Seth shostak, the leading scientist at Seti, the guy is a AAA astrophisc, much liked by the beloved Carl Sagan, God bless him...

Lets keep looking.... it's a matter of time

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by zatara

Having had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Greer recently I must say that he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy that would stoop to this. And you'd think I would have seen something like this on CSETI or the Disclosure Project website. But, alas, I have not.

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 06:46 PM
Personally, I dont get a good feeling about Dr Greer or SETI for that matter.

For one thing I feel that any disclosures should have become more mainstream than they have since 2001 and I think he is mostly hype and very little action.

Yes, he does interviews, yes they are 'investigating' free energy. So what does this do for the population?

What of all the 450+ witnesses who originally came forward.
How many are there now after all these years since 2001 press conference?
How many have died untimely deaths due to their disclosures? How many have been prosecuted under the official secrets act? (or whatever it is called in the USA)

Their collective information is worth a lot and what have the public received? Perhaps only a book or two and loads of lectures by Dr Greer.

He asked for money to continue the free energy investigation but I feel that this kind of invention is too big to be kept to one company and once found will go the same way as all the rest - into a government black hole.

People who contribute will be getting....what? First hand overview with no real information as to how they are progressing? Publicity photographs and press releases dont really tell us anything about what they have found out and people who contribute should have detailed notes of what the scientists have tried and found out. That way, the information would be 'public' if the government wanted to close them down in the future. At least someone could pick up from where they left off in their investigations after the men in black have ransacked the laboratory and taken all the prototypes.

We really should learn from Tesla's experience and that of others who have had their labs invaded and seized, and their discoveries used by the military. We should have some way to dissemenate information to everyone.

The trouble with all these free energy things is that someone wants to profit from the discovery but it is far too big an issue to keep for one company/person. This is why the government can close down and keep it under wraps - because of people's greed for money or return on investment.

As far as SETI@home is concerned, I have no confidence that any real signal would be disclosed to the public if found - either by the people's computers or by the main listening station. I feel it is rather useless project and serves to soak up research time and money that could otherwise be used on the investigation of real UFOs, ET's, lunar bases, and other unknowns.

I am sure someone here knows far more about this than I do but this is my opinion at the moment and I might be just totally wrong about the guy and SETI.

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 06:49 PM
Taken from the UFO hall of shame....

STEVEN GREER Reportedly plagiarizes the UFO work of others and sells as his own, sells do-it-yourself ET contact kits - now you too can steer in extraterrestrial spacecraft with a flashlight and never record them just like Doc Greer does. Made claims of contacting extraterrestrials through meditation. Claimed that U.S. military forces attacked a Colorado ET base inside a mountain using nerve gas, no evidence to back claim. Had dinner with CIA Director and spun tale of having briefed CIA Director about ETs for hours. Hosted press conference with credible UFO witnesses on Capitol Hill - ruined it and his own credibility by selling the work of others with his name on it and using bogus witnesses. Allegeldy attempted to charge Washington State MUFON members $2500.00 each to demonstrate how he can vector in UFOs - Greer got to choose the location and the time...mmmmmm. SEE: Doc Greer Sells The Truth, Greer: UFOlogy's Own Worst Enemy, CSETI, Greer's claim of military attacking ET underground base with nerve gas, and a refutation of Greer's claims of having briefed the CIA on UFOs.

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