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"Charlotte Brown" Alien Abduction

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posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 01:52 PM
I thought I would share this radio interview featuring the tale of an alien abduction.

Broadcast Oct. 8, 1986
Click Here To Listen

"Charlotte Brown" claims to have been abducted twice. Once when she was almost nine and again when she was 15. She tells CBC's Peter Gzowski how four-foot-six-inch extraterrestrials inserted a needle-like probe into her abdomen and a burr-shaped tracking device up her nostril. Charlotte Brown is not her real name. It all sounds totally off the wall admits Budd Hopkins, a well-known expert on alien abductions.

But having collected over 120 abduction cases, Hopkins says Charlotte's story follows a common and credible pattern. Physicist Stanton Friedman, one the world's leading ufologists, supports Hopkins and says experiences like Charlotte's are much more frequent than people may think.

Medium: Radio
Program: Morningside
Broadcast Date: Oct. 8, 1986
Host: Peter Gzowski
Guest(s): Charlotte Brown (pseudonym), Stanton Friedman, Bud Hopkins
Duration: 24:14

Also, if you visit the page, browse around the rest of the UFO content.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 03:13 PM
I thought this might generate some interest (a single post) but I guess not.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 03:17 PM
reply to post by Dulcimer

Dulcimer! Hello. I checked out the site and it's got some good data!
I can't listen to the audio because there is no sound on my work computer, but I'll try to check it out this evening on a friend's pc

posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 04:36 PM
Sorry it took me so long, finally listened to this archive report this afternoon. And good news!!! It was just the internal speaker that was broken on my computer
I got some external speakers and I've got sound again!
I really can't believe it took me so long to figure that out LOL.

On Topic...
On of the coolest items I saw on the CBC Report page was the timeline with linked media on Alien Abductions in Canada. VERY cool resource in general. I'm wondering why CNN doesn't have a similar feature. You could use such an application to represent anything via timeline that you have media on. Seems like a great tool.

On to the interview, the entire clip lasts about 24 minutes.
Charlotte Brown's (pseudonym) account is really quite chilling. Hopkins asks her at one point how she's comfortable talking about it, but it seems from her tone that she ins't comfortable at all.

The second thing that struck me about the interview, is the fact that her second abduction took place in Daylight! Perhaps my lack of research in the abduction field is showing here, but I've not heard of Daylight Abductions before. The pattern that I've read is that they usually happen at night.

On a side note, it's always nice to hear from Friedman, and for note he is asked on the record if he's ever been abducted himself, Friedman answered 'no', but says he's worked with signigicant numbers of abductees, enough to convince him something is going on.

Back to Charlotte's testimony, she mentions being 'scraped' on her arm, and an incision on her leg. Hopkins compares this to the 'scoop' marks found on some abductees. She also tells of a large 'needle' being inserted into her abdomen, and a metal 'burr' inserted into her nose. The nose thing had a 'tearing' sound with the insertion. Apparently a few years ago she sneezed it out! And kept it! Somehow it's gone missing since?

Friedman thinks the 'up the nose' object was some sort of tracking device. Possibly a data recorder also. Neither Budd nor Stanton has ever come across one, but they claim there is a pattern to these 'up the nose' implants, and that many have been removed from abductees. They also suggest these objects could be influencing the brain itself.

Hopkins precludes the possibility of paranoia on the part of his interviewed abductees due to extensive psychological testing, administered by a psychologist (un-named woman) who was 'blind' as to the sought results of testing. The abductees did show some 'trust' issues, according to Hopkins.

The psychologist (once informed the subjects were abductees) suggested that the findings were consistent with people who may have actually had these experiences. Charlotte herself claims she has always been 'shy'.

Hopkins also tells about an army officer who was abducted, and whose physical strength was countered somehow during the abduction. The man felt he could not move, and did what the beings asked.

Friedman also reports on the lack of reporting on the abduction issue.
Friedman states that sightings are always present, they just aren't usually covered on the national news wires and are limited to local reporting.

Anyway, I won't give it all away, but perhaps this synopsis of the report will drum up a bit of interest from the ATS crowd in commenting on this report also.

I've been spending my time researching historical events this past week (Specifically the battle of los angeles) and am always interested in new data from historical events. Eyewitness testimony, while not physical evidence itself, is still important in my view. You never know where a lead may lead. One thing I've learned in my last week of research is that NOBODY has looked into several of these events enough to provide a satisfactory answer. I would be interested to hear a current report from Hopkins and/or Friedman, following up with details from the time of this event. It always seems that 'researchers' stop digging at some point, it's frustrating.

In fact, I think I just decided to take my B.O.L.A. data public here at ATS. I haven't finished researching the event yet, and there are still MANY questions to be answered, but the data I've got assembled so far is far more vast than anywhere I've been able to find on the net. I think I'm up to the high 30's in the number of newspaper articles alone that discuss the event. It's time someone (ATS) investigated this case further, and answered these questions.---Just realized I'm going off topic, I'll start a new thread before the day is out...

Anyway Dulcimer, thanks for posting this. It was interesting listening. Especially the tense moment at the end where Stanton teases the host

As a collector of data, I'll add this info to my 'eyewitness reports' files.

posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 06:30 PM
Thank you very much for summarizing what's in that audio WFA! Really appreciate it!

(sorry for the one liner but he put a lot of time into typing up this report so it's appropriate to thank him for doing that)

posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 10:20 PM
No problem Palasheea

Some people are audio learners, some learn by visual, and some (like me) learn the best from reading text. I just thought that the data should be put out there in another form, so more people could learn about it

Hard Work is my middle name!
(or is that middle name(S)? LOL)

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