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Ron Paul: Not Racist Enough

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posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 04:40 AM

On Monday, January 21st, we will send a message to Ron Paul by not supporting his Martin Luther King, Money Bomb for Ron Paul, and instead will send a donation by mail or credit card for the work of Dr. David Duke and the increased distribution of My Awakening!

We will demand that Ron Paul stand up honestly on the same powerful issues that David Duke and Patrick Buchanan used to get far bigger percentages of votes in major elections (and with far less money). And we demand that those of us who donated significantly to the Ron Paul campaign have their money used to support the principles of the traditional American majority and not cater to the likes of Wolf Blitzer or for that matter, Martin Luther King!


Ron Paul has upset white supremacists with his support of the ideas of MLK and they demand that he “stand up honesty on the same powerful issues that David Duke and Patrick Buchanan used“ and stop “catering” to non racist people.

Ron Paul has already said he’s keeping the money and not using it to support their views, so they might get disappointed.

Although many of us will vote for Ron Paul simply because he is the only candidate unequivocally opposed the the Iraq War and the destruction of American civil liberties, we must take the strongest exception to his recent praise of Martin Luther King on national television.


Now we know why they like him. Our government has gotten so big that even white supremacists are concerned about civil liberties, and apparently they don‘t like war either.

The fact that Ron Paul would call King his hero and promote a Ron Paul money bomb on Martin Luther King Day is disgraceful, and we call on all past Ron Paul supporters to protest this by donating to on Martin Luther King's birthday!


There is some hate-site-nolink thing in my sources, they are from "stormfront", some hate site.

It looks like Ron Paul isn’t racist enough for the racist ones.

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 02:47 PM
I think we have all seen race used to confuse an issue. But this is a new take on an old idea.

Let me make myself clear: RON PAUL IS NOT A RACIST.

That's not the point. The point of this whole thing is not the content itself but the fact that they were able to write terrible things in his name for more than a decade. That is beyond negligent and I don't think he has satisfactorily explained the lapse in judgment and attention that caused a decade-long, systematic publication of things he does not believe in his name. Nothing more, nothing less.

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 03:06 PM
reply to post by Togetic

Ok, but you don't speak for everyone. There are still people here that think he's aligned with white supremacists because one gave him money. Some are also still calling him racist for the newsletters.

I’m trying to address the more serious charge of racism, for those with real concerns about it. If you want to talk about newsletter management, there’s no scarcity of threads for it. Since you feel so strongly about the fact that he’s not racist, maybe you should correct people when they accuse him of it in those threads, you know, deny ignorance and keep the conversation on track.

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 04:43 PM
I found “What Ron Paul Must Do to Win” on David Duke’s web site:

He talks about how him and Pat Buchanan were able to win New Hampshire and he lists six things he would do if he were Ron Paul.

In case you were wondering what those “demands” were.

1.Hit the Iraq War harder, show shocking pictures of our dead and maimed military personnel and get angry and emotional that these patriotic Americans and their families have endured these terrible consequences because of lies by both politicians and media. Point out correctly that a truly patriotic President would not let such atrocities continue another moment.

2.Hit immigration harder, and not by commercials showing some anchor babies in hospitals, people feel naturally sympathetic to babies and mothers. Show pictures of the many illegal alien criminals who have raped, kidnapped and killed American citizens who our government has not prevented from entering the country. Show how the politicians who have not done their constitutional duty to enforce our laws are directly responsible for the murder of these innocent Americans.

3.Expose and hit the massive racial discrimination against European Americans in so-called affirmative action and the bald-faced lies of “equal opportunity.” The EEOC for instance is not truly an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission but an agency solely dedicated to racial discrimination against better-qualified White applicants, companies, employees and students. Demand true equal rights for all and that the best qualified get the job, contract, promotion, scholarship, or college admission by their merit.

4.Even if Paul supports free trade by principle, at least he should emphasize that any country that does not allow truly free access to our products and services (such as China), should be barred from our markets in our own self defense.

5.He should call for protection of our technical class by absolutely prohibiting large companies from outsourcing American technical jobs to the sweatshops of India or elsewhere. Additionally, he should demand that American citizens are given first and foremost preference in admission to American universities.

6.The first step in medical reform and the medical insurance is giving American citizens who are workers and life-long taxpayers first preference in medical care and services. No taxpaying American person who suffers a costly, life-threatening illness in his his family should face bankruptcy or loss of his home while even one illegal alien gets free medical care.

What I see in that list is that Duke would like to see more fear mongering, a stance against white discrimination, hostile foreign trade relations, federal restrictions on private companies, federal restrictions on private universities, and more drama.

People are often curious as to what appeals to white supremacists in Ron Paul’s platform and it’s easier to see where his policies fit with white supremacists and where they contrast if you roll your sleeves up and read what they have to say. They like him on some things and disagree with him on other things, like race and foreign relations.

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