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Human Energy Conversion

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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 08:45 PM
Searched the site and saw nothing on this so far. In the book "America decieved" by By E.A. Blayre III, the book starts off with information that the human body is born with 120 years worth of energy, which isslowly decreaseddue to disease, etc. A proposal is made to the Pres. of the US, to allow prisoners to donate their remaining energy for the common good. The proposal is accepted as the president is convinced that giving the people this free energy will enhance his reelection chances. There is a sample of this book at the link below.

America Decieved

I am curious as to peoples opinions on whether or not this "120 year life energy" actually exists (I believe it may). If it does exist, could it be a significant source of energy if harvested (I doubt it)? Also would it be acceptable to allow other to basically commit suicide so we could have their energy free of charge? (not unless we also allow euthanasia).

Anyways I thought this was interesting and hopefully others do as well. Also interesting is that it is suppose to be banned by Amazon, although I found it there, and also it comes with this disclosure which is proabbly just put their by the author to garner additional attention. HOMELAND SECURITY WARNING: POSSESSION OF THIS NOVEL MAY RESULT IN UNLIMITED DETENTION.

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 08:53 PM
Making this thread is also cause for unlimited detention!

I just think that it is possible. There are so many people that come very close to that age. Of course from deep south America where the atmosphere is less polluted and they eat untainted foods, drink clean water.

In the future it will be most possible. That is after the earth finishes cleaning house and the population becomes civilized.

posted on Jul, 3 2011 @ 07:10 AM
reply to post by disgustedbyhumanity

hi im new and need some help in some technical aspects from someone who understands electricity extensivly
i cant post yet but maybe you can help heres my question and understanding from what ive read
hz is a frequency that tells cycles per second
the human body gives off beta theta and aplha waves that can be measured in hz
the question i wana understand is the human body gives off energy obviously measured in hz but no one seems to know what type of energy it can be turned, transfered or amplified into how to bring the hz into a viable energy that could potentially become amplified into either lets say voltage then amplify it or contain capture etc i feel this is very plausable it can be measured that a human can produce more than other humans if you train youreself to do it up to 4 times the normal volume measured on an osciliscope why cant that be used and turned into a viable electricity that could lets say charge a battery
what is human energy considered to be
what would attract this energy
what would a person need to amplify the output
what is the part of the brain called that is in the right lower rear side just next to the spinal colum

best as i have figured so far related to some questions ive seen acupunture points are essential in increasing energy in the brain and most of the energy seems to eminate origines from the lower portion of the spine travels up the spinal colum hits the brain and then redeverts back to the rest of the bodie literally visible and can be felt but for some reason is blocked at the hands doesnt visibly travel to finger tips
the energy can be also scientifically located and measured in hz through eeg and oscilliscope

by the way if i can make this feasable then yes it could be possible to drain a human being and use it for youreself one of my estimated side effects as well as possibility of higher brain functions and basically imortality as long as the energy is provided
posibility as well as you may if compatable with another swap their energy out of there body and youres into theres there by taking over their fresh young body instantly becoming young sucks for them however also possible it dosent swap but the stronger soul takes the winnings


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