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Making People Look Like Idiots ...

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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 05:58 AM
Common threads run through this forum. It is good to defend one's beliefs. I don't see any of this here. Secular humanism has darkened civilization so Truth cannot be found. Without Truth, there can be no spirituality, or redemption.

Truth is the object of the mind. Forgiveness is the object of the heart. A mind that knows Truth will love a heart that knows Forgiveness, and it is this 'Love' of the mind for the heart that IS the soul.

When a son is born, he views his human father as the fount of all truth, and the source of all power; And his mother as the pinnacle of all virtue, and endless source of unconditional love. These views are according to what God engraves on the heart of every baby, at conception.

The parents described are The Parents of Jesus Christ: God The Father; And The Eternal Blessed Virgin, Mother of God The Son, Mary. Every child needs to know these are his Parents, to mature with a healthy self image.

To the degree a human father teaches his son Truth, or God's Word in human language, The Holy Bible; And that a human mother teaches her son Forgiveness, or God's Word in God's Language, The Incarnation of God The Son, Jesus Christ; The child's soul will be like Jesus' Soul, The Holy Spirit; And the resulting son like Jesus.

The mind/heart synapse is the locus of the soul. The innocent trust they will receive goodness through their trust for others. I can see this board is filled with low stakes psychopaths, who act innocently, but are sophisticated at formulating questions that defile the soul, even by acknowledgment by the innocent.

It's a sadistic game victims of Satan play, to infect the mind/heart synapse with deceit, that robs the soul of love, and causes people to flee from The True Hand of Love, God The Father, with Jesus Christ The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

People get addicted to darkness, and soon mistake what lies in darkness for true beauty. Even parents sow their own deceit in their children, but the children don't know Truth. The child assumes his parents don't act like The Parents he idealizes them to be, because he is somehow defective, and not lovable. Yet, God has engraved on the heart of every person Who his/her Parents truly are.

The child matures to seek healing from the same type of person as his opposite sex parent. A new family is made of the bitterness each spouse has for the other, for not containing the goodness necessary to heal the wounds of injustice, but only more of the same pain each sought to have healed by the other's goodness.

When these parents see the innocence in their own children, they sow the same deceit in them that was sown in them. The only way to break free of this is to look inside one's self with Jesus Christ along, asking for healing and forgiveness, by The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Millions of people, worldwide, are afflicted with deadly Ancestral Guilt; The weight of the guilt for the sins of one's dead ancestors. The way I make sure someone is truly under a 'Generational Curse' is ask him/her. Denial is first sign of 'Roots of Ancient Doom'.

Using syntactical arguments to ensnare others cements one's self in the deceit that sickens the soul by polluting the mind/heart synapse like so much tooth decay, and creates enmity with God. People need to blame everything wrong with their lives on themselves, and subsequently subject themselves to Jesus Christ, practicing The Sacraments laid down in The Bible, by Jesus Himself, as a member of The One True Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, The legal, legitimate Bride of Christ.

Truth leads to Truth, which leads to Forgiveness, which leads to Mercy, which leads to Justice, which is that everyone have The Love The Father has for The Son, OR, The Holy Spirit, in his own heart. Roman Catholicism is how you get there: Immortality. Love is Novocaine, use before drilling the others'. souls.

Copyright 2008 by SwanSword, et al.
All Rights Reserved

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