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Goverment Warning

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posted on Feb, 11 2004 @ 01:50 PM
Subject: Government Warning
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 11:02:31 -0600
This came from Sheboygan School District, which came to them from their local Chamber of Commerce, so I am assuming it is legit.
Government Warning regarding purchase of UPS uniforms:
There has been a huge purchase, $32,000 worth, of United Parcel Service (UPS) uniforms on eBay over the last 30 days. This could represent a serious threat as bogus drivers (terrorists) can drop off anything to anyone with deadly consequences! If you have ANY questions when a UPS driver appears at your door, they should be able to furnish VALID I.D. Additionally, if someone in a UPS uniform comes to make a drop off or pick up, make absolutely sure they are driving a UPS truck. UPS doesn't make deliveries or pickups in anything, except a company vehicle. If you have a problem, IMMEDIATELY call your local law enforcement agency right away! TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! Tell everyone in your office, your family, your friends, etc. Make people aware so that we can prepare and/or avoid terrorist attacks on our people! Thank you for your time in reviewing this and PLEASE send to EVERYONE on your list, even if they are friend or foe. We should all be aware!

Kimberly Bush-Carr
Management Program Specialist U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Bureau Customs and Border Protection
Washington, DC 20229

Jennifer Heus
Secretary to Co-Superintendents
Sheboygan Area School District
830 Virginia Avenue
Sheboygan, WI 53081
(920) 459-3512
(920) 459-6487 - fax

edit: I got this e-mail from a friend, just want you all to check if it's ligit

[Edited on 11-2-2004 by DaTruth]

posted on Feb, 11 2004 @ 01:52 PM
isn't there a way to track the purchases made online and on e-bay ?

I'd think that the Dept. of Homeland Security is all over this one ? Or maybe not ????

posted on Feb, 11 2004 @ 01:56 PM
Looks like you got caught - that hoax email has been going aroung the internet for over 2 years. There were UPS unifomrs for sale on E-bay, however, E-bay management stopped the sale and notified the FBI. That message is similar to the virus alert messages .. "send this to all your friends and everyone on your email list" .. I get enough SPAM as it is now .. I don't want anymore .. I wish whoever was sending this stuff out would stop and think about how much bandwidth and server space they are wasting .. space that could be properly used for good pics of UFO's etc.

posted on Feb, 11 2004 @ 01:58 PM

This is a hoax. It has been around for quite sometime now.

By the way, next time please use a city outside of Wisconsin as I am a resident and don't want any attention drawn to the state.

When I queried eBay spokesman Chris Donnelly about rumored large purchases of UPS uniforms on the auction site, he answered: "We are aware of the rumor, but as far as we can tell it's just that a rumor." He said he was not aware of any law enforcement investigation of the claims which doesn't necessarily mean one didn't take place.

Likewise, a United Parcel Service spokesman quoted in a recent edition of the Louisville, Kentucky Courier-Journal said, "Call it urban legend or call it hoax, there's nothing to it." He was skeptical of the implication that UPS personnel, who drive regular routes and are typically well known to their commercial customers, are likely targets for impersonation.

Nevertheless, articles of UPS clothing have been known to turn up for sale on eBay. I found several examples myself on February 28, 2003, the same day I spoke with eBay's Chris Donnelly, who said at the time he wasn't sure whether UPS uniforms were prohibited for sale or not. In any case, the auctions I saw were deleted within hours, indicating that such items are indeed banned now, if not previously and that the company is monitoring the site closely for them.

According to participants in newsgroup discussions devoted to tracking this rumor, there was evidence in early January in the form of eBay search results showing completed transactions involving UPS uniforms of at least a few such auctions where the bidding went suspiciously high on individual items.

However, the FBI has confirmed that these purchases were, in fact, investigated by the agency and found not to be terrorist-related. I repeat: the purchases were not terrorist-related, according to the FBI. Still, as a matter of course, the agency recommends that "due diligence and verification of delivery personnel" be part of the security routine for any building receiving outside deliveries.

Customers who are concerned about the legitimacy of any UPS delivery can call 1-800-PICK UPS to verify it, according to the company's spokesman.

[Edited on 11-2-2004 by Dreamz]

posted on Feb, 11 2004 @ 01:58 PM
This is a good sote to check out any "Urban Legends" they are fairly good at it.

A link to your "rumor:

posted on Feb, 11 2004 @ 02:00 PM
Nope, this is just another false email being spread arround

posted on Feb, 11 2004 @ 02:02 PM

Originally posted by scepticalwatcher
Nope, this is just another false email being spread arround

Looks like we posted the same thing at the same time


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