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The re-designing and re-construction of Man.

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posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 12:14 PM
With all the debate that goes on around here dealing with creation and evolution I have a question regarding the design/construction of the human body.
Seems to me we were designed this way on purpose, no random accident here but still I must ask.

If you had the abilities of God or maybe a Super Mega Scientist of the future and you were tasked with making MAN a more efficient machine, what would you change?

I am not talking about what can already be done by a plastic surgeon like breast enhancement, nose jobs, tummy tucks and stuff, I am referring to the placement of all our body parts and organs with respect to each other.

For example, we have:

  1. internal organs encased in a protective rib cage,
  2. our cranium protecting our brain,
  3. our opposable thumbs on the side of our hands for grasping,
  4. our nose above our mouth and not upside down otherwise we'd drop crumbs into our nostrils when eating.

So once again, if you had a chance a chance to make MAN a more efficient machine, what would you change, modify, add, remove, rearrange, tweak, lengthen, shorten and why?

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 01:39 PM
all sorts of enhancements, people have been thinking of this for a long time
Some more blogs on the same subject;

research aging, aubrey de grey

singularity is near, possible technology that can help humans build better humans, ray kurzweil, he is making a film .

I post more if i remember them, i wiped my C:\ for unix a while ago. Hmm, US DoD and DARPA have some really interesting stuff going, i think wired have a blog somewhere covering military projects and high tech equipment, it's technology enhancements though - Most probably technology driven enhancements is the way to go, see CERN BlueBrain for example.


p.s If i was God i would alter humans so that aggression and violence did not exist, i know war is a great inventor but make it so we all get 500 IQ at the same time then.

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