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Flying dream this morning (OoBE?)

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posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 11:51 AM
This morning I woke up at 6:00 AM to visit the restroom and went back to bed. I occasionally experience an odd sensation that some would say is similar to remote viewing, and it happened briefly this morning. I could feel the bed beneath me, the blankets over me, and my eyes - closed, but just barely, like I was still awake and that they'd open involuntarily if I wasn't CONSCIOUSLY keeping them closed. Oh, yeah, and I could see.

Not my room, but this time it was a park bench somewhere, and I was seeing it from ground level. Anyway, it didn't last long and it's not the dream I mentioned in the subject of this post.

I also occasionally feel what I'd describe as a "vibrational buzz"... When I'm going to sleep, or soon before waking. This is often accompanied by a feeling of weightlessness an disorientation. I never let it continue because the buzzing feeling is nauseating and rather uncomfortable. I felt this briefly this morning too.

Shortly afterwards, I perceived myself moving along some rocky cliffs overlooking the ocean. It was kind of like Big Sur, CA - but the cliffs were carved out to make a stone walkway with steps and balconies - I don't think the place actually exists anywhere. Next thing I know, I'm very consciously and deliberately willing myself out over the ocean, just sort of hovering. I realize I'm in a "standing" position and that once I relax it's easier to move around.

Something strange happens, I perceive a point of yellow light zip past me, which I think is a missile, launched by the helicopter that I didn't mention before because it's not there now, either. But I thought I was hearing a helicopter a second ago - perhaps it was just another one of those vibrational buzzes. So I turn my attention back to the "missile" and there's two of them now, they buzz back and forth by me a lot like Tinkerbell, then away really fast. Way off in the distance they stop for a second, then zip away. I think of them as "UFOs" while this happens. When I wake up, it occurs to me that they wanted me to follow them, but I wasn't able to fly very fast at all.

I've had flying dreams before but this one was different. I'm usually afraid of falling, and have to avoid all kinds of obstacles. In this one, even though I felt like I was in a particular position, I didn't feel like my body was in danger, subject to the laws of gravity, or even there at all. I didn't really think about it at all until I relaxed from the rigid "standing" position I felt like I was in.

Anyway, I've heard that a lot of flying dreams are actually OBEs, but what I have trouble reconciling with this idea is the dream-like landscapes that I always see. Doesn't that make it just a dream? It seems I'd see real places, like a remote-viewer if it wasn't.


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