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Voter Fraud Against Paul Confirmed in Sutton, N.H.

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posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 12:49 AM

Voter Fraud Against Paul Confirmed in Sutton, N.H.
Kurt Nimmo
Truth News
January 8, 2008

According to a post this evening on the Ron Paul Forums, vote fraud occurred in Sutton, New Hampshire:

Sutton with 100% reporting reported 0 votes for paul but poster in Sutton posted:

My mom, aunt, and dad all voted for RP today in my hometown, My mom and aunt both work passing out ballots, and checking them off. I just looked at the politico map and it says their town has ZERO votes for Ron. Now i know that there isn’t corruption on voting in that little town, so where they reported it must be. What do I do, anyone know???

Originally Posted by sstjean View Post
This was posted to ronpaul-801 tonight: “This town numbers are wrong wrong wrong on this map. I am from Sutton originally and my parents and one aunt all voted for Ron Paul today and Sutton says 0. So this is wrong. This is a town that had 20 people counting the ballots and I have no reason to believe that they cheated. Small town and I was born and raised there. The real numbers will come in by morning. The electronic machines in the big towns are the ones we have to worry about.”

Interesting..... \

Stalin DOES come to mind
"It's not the voters who count, it's the people (and/or the machines) who count the votes that matter."

posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 12:50 AM

Take a look at these happy faces. What do you see? Anyone missing? Where is that fellow, that Constitutionalist, who wants to disband the Federal Reserve? Where is Ron Paul, that fellow who actually beat Time Magazines "Man of The Year" by more than a two to one margin among Iowa voters? Like the old Soviet-era newspapers, the US mainstream media (MSM) controls ALL the news, without apology or denial.

Now take a look at the faces of those who prefer to play ball, who profess change while offering no new or original or bold thinking. Look at those who want to continue to bomb (spend), invade (spend), sanction (spend) or otherwise occupy foreign countries (spend & spend some more). These happy shape-shifters have the official Tribune sanction and it doesn't really matter who wins among them, whether Democrat or Republican.

I havent REALLY been paying too much attention to date on the candidates..

but Ron Paul seems to be ommitted,as this article suggests..

whats ATSERS ideas on the man>

posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 12:52 AM
That is pretty interesting, I hope something gets done about this or I am feeling another fraudulent presidential election similar to someone, cough*Bush*cough


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