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Radio Talk Show Recommendations

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posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 02:45 PM
I just found a wondeful site that allowes a person to listen to almost any radio station/program in the world. It also intrgrates in with Media Center so it's really convienant though you can still just use it through their site if you don't have media center on your computer.

It's called RadioTime.

So back to my request.

Please list your most liked radio programs in this thread. I'm building my favorites and know this membership could add some good stuff to the list.

My main desire if for talk radio suggestions but anything you think deserved recognition is welcome.

Some of the programs I already added to my favorites:


Coast to Coast AM


The Dennis Miller Show

Paul Harvey - The rest of the story

Dr. Laura Schlessinger Show

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posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 03:20 PM
Are you looking for talk shows only? Or all music?

My favorites include WERS-FM out of Emerson College during the day.

Talk radio, Laura Ingraham and occasional Rush Limbaugh.

And, if this guy ever returns to commercial radio - Phil Hendrie. Nothing in the world like him.

I also love listening to Monica Crowley. Her voice is soooo sexy smooth...

posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 03:39 PM
Thanks for the recommendations Bud.

Mostly I'm looking for the talk radio/call in variety type show though as I said everything is welcome.

I'll checkout Monica Crowley.

posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 05:23 PM
I usually listen to the Adam Corolla show every morning on the way to work. he's a funny guy and i share a lot of opinions with him

posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 09:43 PM
Adam Corolla! I love that guy.

That is exactly why I started this thread, I never would have remembered his show. Thanks....

posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 12:18 AM
yea no problem.. i'm not sure where you live so i couldn't tell you what station it is on but if you live in southern california its on from 6AM to 10AM mondays through fridays on 97.1 free FM

posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 12:47 AM
Someone didn't read the opening post.

I'm using a program called RadioTime. It integrates into media center and allows you to listen to most any radio station/program in the world. You can create a favorite list online and if you use it with media center it will update the favorite list directly to the interface. It's an AWESOME program..and it's free. If you don't have media center you can just use it through the above website.

Anyway I will be listening to that program through the recommended 97.1 free FM. I found that that station has many decent talk programs.

posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 02:39 AM
reply to post by kinglizard

That's a great site. I especially appreciate finding a station that broadcasts CoasttoCoastam over the internet. I had thought that most radio stations no longer simulcast the show over the internet. Now I can listen to George Noorey over my computer again.

It's also great to find so many of my favorite shows accessible from one site!

Good find.

posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 10:40 AM
Yeah isn't it great?

There is also this option you can buy for $29 that allows you to record radio programs like Tivo and Media Center record tv shows. It can record up to 6 programs simultaneously and has the option to just record one occurrence or the entire series. It saves them as mp3 files on your computer so you can listen to them on your computer or iPod whenever it's convenient. I'm thinking about getting it so I can record all of Paul Harvey's "The rest of the story" broadcasts.

posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 05:15 PM

Originally posted by kinglizard
Someone didn't read the opening post.

yea and he still managed to get 500 points out of it


Anyway I will be listening to that program through the recommended 97.1 free FM. I found that that station has many decent talk programs.

It does, Danny Bonoduchie(sp?)used to be on the adam corolla show but a lot of people didn't really think he fit in with adams style of radio. I didn't like danny at first but he really did grow on me and i was actually disapointed when i found out they dropped him from the adam corolla show.

anyways, after the adam corolla show another show comes on i like called frosty, heidi and frank... they're pretty funny and hold some very interesting conversations...after them danny gets his own one hour show but i'm usually not in the car or at work when thats on

then after danny is the tom lykas show and i really just can't stand that guy

posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 06:05 PM
Kinglizard, that is one fantastic site!
I'm a radio junkie and this will be like manna to me. Thanks-

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