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What the GREYS plan to do

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posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 09:35 PM
I agree, we should capture and torture aliens for their technology then kill them. Any aliens that try to intervene will be killed as well. Once we have all their technology we will build a space fleet of battle spaceships and travel to the aliens home planets.

We will talk to the leaders of the planets and demand they hand over their resources, land and knowledge. They will obey our orders or will be killed. Asking for peace is asking to be killed. We use the aliens as slaves to build human cities, battle ships and super robots that will replace human workers and fighters. When we don't need them they are killed.

We continue this pattern stealing resources, land and knowledge from the many peaceful civilizations in out galaxy until we are the only species left. Humankind will own the galaxy and populate it entirely within a short amount of time. We then voyage into other galaxies where we meet our match...

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 10:51 PM
i'd like to throw my 2cents here about things ive seen while researching the topic of ets

1. we asume we know everything there is about the laws of physics and that anything that anthing they have is an aplication that we just haven't invented

2. the asumtion that we must have common ancestors. we proberly do, just not the ones would expect. all material on the earth came from out there in space so it makes sence that our microbial ancestors were spread on other planets.

3. that what do the get from studying use as they're obviously more advanced/evloved. they are reported to be at a state were the spiecies is entrily engineired. we are selves are starting to move in that direction. the question is what to we have in our genes that they don't? humans are addapted to handle a range of climates maybe they aren't. or maybe the just screwed up there own evelution and are looking at how to back track or 'unevole'.

4. the idea that they even follow an idea of morality, this is a human concept who said that they have to have it? maybe thats what their studying? but that doesn't mean what we think is right.

5. life can only exist of earth like planets, thats a load of BS. again microbs can exist in envroment of intense cold or heat and any life that evolved from them would be adapted to exist in what ever enviroment their in.

finaly all i can say is keep and open mind and think about it before you decide on what your going to belive. i'm not saying that all the stories are true but there is atleast so truth that they exist.

also have any of you heard of the traditional medieval and renasanse acounts of the Fae/fairies (not the modernised winged princess crap)
they ranged from tall and eligant to short and grotesc beings from another world (the land of the Fae). they had the ability to cast illusions and fly through magic (they had no wings!). they were renowned for sneaking into peoples homes and abducting children and young adults, most were returned others weren't. these acounts were taken very seriousely upto about a century ago, there was even an acount that a woman was aquited from the murder of her own child when she claimed that they were tainted by the 'fairyfolk', the murder was consider justified (this was in the mid 1800's).

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 10:56 PM

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posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 12:14 AM
What a bunch of bull-you-know-what-I-mean. I highly doubt the existance of Grey's in that form. This is speculation on speculation again. A masterplan based on the assumption that certain things that are not even proven yet are true.
But, I will use this post about a little snipped about weapons for my own amusement anyways. Seeming it get's closed to a post where I can spill some info and info is always good, even when it's junk. Thing is that the pointed way of the TS makes no sence. An advanced race able to visit us got advanced weapons.

Ah yes, weapons.
As a kid I always loved to draw weapons and war. As a grown up my bookcase is filled with books about Napoleon, the Roman Empire and the art of war and my DVD collections matches in taste as well.

To be honest laser and just plain plasma are not well suited for weapons. For starters both are straight line weapons. Laser was a potent weapon in the past but it got killed as a technology for weapons in space.
You see, laser is focused light, generally outside the human eye spectrum. Focused light equals frequency and amplitude. A ‘shield’ does not really exist thou it is true that in the past extra padded armour was placed on space-ships to protect them from lasers. The effect was…doable. That means that you could survive somehow against laser for a short period of time.

Counteraction of laser started for real with the use of dampening fields. The initial idea came from using laser beams to stop laser beams. While good in theory, it was horrific in practice. First the system needs to find a charging capacitor, verifying whether those capacitors stand for laser weapons and responding in time. Needless to say, this never came further then a prototype.
The project was abandoned and a new technology was developed based upon a dampening field that relied on a frequency modulated field that dampened or distorted the beams. Initial prototypes had long solid antenna’s that formed a field. First types where to weak to completely block the field but eventually a prototype arrived that was strong enough. The antenna’s where made retractable so that they wouldn’t get damaged during normal flight. It doesn’t take a genius to see the obvious problem with this technology. Enemy ships would use conventional weapons to destroy the antenna’s dotting the ships and used laser weapons afterwards.

The last development was the mergers of both armour and field arrays. So-called ‘active armour’ was developed. Generally speaking the armour had a layer of very minute bumps that each generated a minute field, together they generated a strong enough field to stop or at least severely weaken a laser beam. Increasing the power of laser beams had little result because the technology to power lasers and dampening fields was very similar.

The next best thing is plasma, but development of plasma weapons had…problems. You see, plasma requires a source to keep it in plasma form and to not let it ‘evaporate’. Advanced research in energy capacitors created a sponge like material that could absorb plasma and release it over time. The real problem was the amount released. How larger the ‘sponge surface’ how more loss of energy over time. In other words plasmatic projectiles became weaker over distance, and this relative over its size. At the same time the object needed to be ‘leaking’ plasma to keep the chain reaction in order.
The solution was capsulation. Basically speaking, the leaking problem was solved using insulation. A polymeric non-conductive alloy was developed that was given holes in it. The plasma could seep out through the holes while the insulation would contain most of the energy thus making it travel over larger distances while retaining most of its payload.

Just for the info, propulsion is done by a miniature ion drive (similar but better then what NASA is currently testing) and guidance is fixed by a sensory system in the front of the egg shaped projectile.

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 03:08 AM

Originally posted by Gazrok
Having looked into this for quite some time, it seems that the "Greys" are not invaders, but have a different mindset than us...

They are more like scientists, and view us not as a sapient species, but more like a lab monkey. At one point (after our radar systems proved capable of crashing their saucers in low speed flight), they changed this view, and entered into an agreement (Hollerman AFB)...basically a trade of "legalized" abductions in trade for technology, and cooperation. This was preferable to the govt, as the alternative seemed to be our destruction...or at least, a pretty costly war of sorts....

Eventually, they went outside this agreement, and an altercation happened (most point to the Dulce incident)... At some point, we had advanced a weapon that at least made it extremely costly for them to continue to break the treaty, if not outright counter the threat... So, a new (and presumably the current) agreement was reached.

There do seem to be other types of aliens out there, but the government's interaction with them as opposed to the greys...seems to have little if any documentation...

the grays are real and it annoys me when people say `oh people only started seeing aliens and ufos when movies depicted them` because... there are carvings drawings thousands of years old depicting what we know now as grays or ufos

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 03:23 AM
elliot we are on the same boat but claiming greys are real when no bodies are handy just cant hold its ground against debunkers

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 03:29 AM
Genetic manipulation may be a possibilty, ... but not for our benefit, theirs. See, the longer a being evolves in an unchangin enviroment, ... the more they are only suited to handle that enviroment only.
Genetically women are more attracted to profiles that yield a higher variety. So a person with mixed ancestrty is more equiped to handle life in different enviroments. the wider the genetic variety, .. the less susceptible someone is to diseases and allergys.

So it is feasible they are using part of our genetic makeup to strengthen their immune systems and ability to withstand a variety of enviroments.

The fact of the matter is .... if they wanted us dead, .... they would engineer a virus the world has never seen. that affected only humans and was more spreadable than the common cold. humanity would be wiped out in months. Its easily within their power, ... and has not happened yet, ..... so i wouldnt worry about it .

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 03:48 AM
post above is excellent.i was thinking what they wanted with us the past days and was into abductees stories.and didnt found anything at all.all i read about is how they warn us that the planets destruction is imminent etc.well warnings wont do a thing.if they wanted to help then give some form of energy that is pollution free.and i dont believe they come here to get minerals or many planets surely other planets have what we have.i m more leaning on the thought that they want something from us.or they are just examining us.i mean if we went to another planet we would do the same to them.

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 05:03 AM

Originally posted by Gollwog
someone just spent a day watching star wars? you seem to be getting yourself worked up dude

no these beings are very real. i am also a contactee/victim of their "work".

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