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Two Faced Slimy liars make me furious!!!!!

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posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 08:00 AM
Oh farout, went to work today. (I only work there 2 days a week, do accounts BS and make sure everything is running as it should)

Had a complete month off. Get back into work and within half an hour of being there I call a staff meeting for 4:30pm.

Everyone is like... oooo we are in trouble! Some people not working had to come in for it.


Well, they must think I was brought down with the last shower but we have video surveilance at work so before I go in to ruffle feathers, I double check the footage. And all I need to see is there. Everyone has slackened off big time... yanno, filing nails instead of doing work etc...

Ho hum... The slacken off thang doesn't bother me so much but the lying blame stuff does.

One of them leaves straight away after cos had to be somewhere. Two of the others start being so two-faced and blaming it on the one that left. Like, he did this, he did that and he never does his job... bla bla bla. Bloody dibba dobba's. And yet, they will say a big smiley hello when they see him. GRRR

I was so mad. I can't stand two faced people. I then asked them "Oh As it is all his fault and he is the main culprit, he should be sacked, hmm?' They couldn't have cared less. All they cared about was following through with a lie. They sat right in front of me lying through the back teeth and would have allowed an injustice to occur just to save their own skin.

I then said, the camera doesn't lie. Both of you have been doing exactly what he has been doing. At least he had enough testicular fortitude to say, yeah... I slackened off.

I honestly don't think I can even look at them straight in the face ever again.

I have to go in tommorrow to sort out BS and I just want to walk in and sack them both. It isn't sufficient grounds to dismiss so of course I will refrain.

I prolly shouldnt rant on but I just could not believe my ears and eyes.
I despise that kind of behaviour. You would expect that from a child...not an adult!!!!!!

I absolutely despise two faced people.


posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 08:23 AM
Me hates liars too. KILL THEM ALL!!

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