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posted on Dec, 12 2002 @ 08:00 AM
The Higher Self
Another topic that is never discussed in traditional religious education is the concept of the Higher Self. You think there is just you, the face you see in the mirror, and that you are alone in the world. You assume that the ego, the part of you that tenaciously clings to life, that jockeys for position and power, that propels you to seek physical gratification, that tempts you to dominate others, and causes you to respond to life's tribulations with anxiety and fear is the very core of your being, but it is not so.

There is much more to you than you might imagine. The face you see in the mirror is but one aspect, in physical form, of your soul, but your soul is yet part of a larger concept called the Oversoul. The Higher Self is the 'director', in a manner of speaking, of the Oversoul and is directly connected to the Universal Cosmic Mind which in turn is connected to the core of all creation, God. All knowledge, all truths, and all possibilities exists within the Universal Cosmic Mind. If you can gain access to this "Above Top Secret" cosmic computer room, you can find out anything you want and manipulate reality to satisfy your wishes.

As it turns out, you already have an inside contact. It's your own agent/representative inside the "Big Room with the Big Board" (borrowed from the movie Dr. Strangelove-one of the funniest satires of all times on the foolishness of the military mind and the immature egotism that animates it) and we call that representative our Higher Self.

posted on Dec, 12 2002 @ 09:39 AM
Pacman, you're right.I've never seen anyon discuss the higher self here.
I've read elsewhere, that different people (alive at the same time) can have the exact same higher self. So they're living incarnations of each other.
Think about it. You and you're neighbour, relatives or a stranger are on a deeper level, the same being.

In the same way all higher selves are connected to each other and form the same being. Which ultimately leads to....................
GWB, OBL, U-P, Bob88, Stalin, Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Mohammed, Buddha and Hitler are the same being!!!!

And guess what... It's fits nicely into the holographic theory.

posted on Dec, 12 2002 @ 11:16 AM
There's a lot of support for that in the psychology fields -- to wit; the concept of the id/ego/superego.

posted on Dec, 17 2003 @ 12:37 AM
Our soul is our body. The Spirit of God made the soul of Adam living. A live humanbeing is a living soul of God. The Spirit of God is symbolised with a breath through the nostrils. Abel means breath. Is the Spirit of Abel "the Holy Ghost" and his soul the true Son of Man? That would make Cain the unforgivable sinner and Satan wouldn't it? (edit
Or is it really that simple? A guy once told me that Abel's sacrifice was unclean and that this was the reason Cain slew Abel. But if Abel's offering was unclean, wouldn't that also make Cain's blood offering unclean since the sacrifice of Abel thereby couldn't clean him? The first sin of Cain was jealousy the story goes. His second sin was that he slew his own brother. But these two, came as a result of love, and a feeling of not being loved. His third and possibly irrepentable sin was that he drank his blood if we believe hidden scripture. Greed. And greed seems to be the sin that has followed Cain's sons ever since. But what if he repents? What if he started forgiving instead of killing? What if he left his judgement to God. Wouldn't Cain then become atleast as rightious as his brothers? (end of edit)

Cain received a mark which made his life worth seven lives (seven heads?). And the seventh son of Adam in the branch of Cain, Lamek ("Cain's lamb") had two wives (two horns?) and he was even more bloodthirsty than Cain was. He said to his wives: "Cain shall be revenged seven times, but Lamek (of Cain) shall be revenged 77 times" (ten horns?). The seventh of Adam in Seth's line was Enoch who pleaded before God for the "sons of perdition" and the children of the Watchers and the Watchers themselves. He was taken up to God for his rightiousness, and the story goes, he became the Angel of God. The seventh son of Seth was Lamek who fathered Noah and saved all of humankind.

It seems the Egyptian Set is Cain of Adam, and the Egyptian Osiris is Abel of Adam. While the Egyptian Horus would be Seth of Adam. But what do I know? Things aren't always what they seem...... But never say never a wise man spoke once. My only advice would be to trust Jezjuah and noone else: Love eachother!


[Edited on 17-12-2003 by mikromarius]

posted on Dec, 17 2003 @ 12:56 AM
Here is a very similar ATS Topic that was riding along these very same ideas. Especially when it get's into all of us being ONE.....I had a lot of fun on this post in fact!!

posted on Dec, 17 2003 @ 01:07 AM
A really useful technique of introspection and self remembering to get access to a higher self is in the work of Gurdjieff, which was taken further by Ouspensky.

I will post a few snippets of my understanding some time. At the moment I am in a lower self, of practicalities to achieve some things I want very materially.

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