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UFO Propulsion Based On UFO Evidence

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posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 02:46 PM
UFO evidence suggests that ALL movement of ALL particle matter (to include photons, electrons, atoms, people, cars, planets, UFO craft, etc…) is caused by the pull of long (many kilometers, but length varies), high speed (light years per second) ether particles traveling in straight lines and in ALL directions. These very fast, long, linear ether particles (LEP’s) occupy “empty” space, including the space within ALL particle matter. (per cent fill ??)

Also, all matter is composed of ether particles. The impedance to the movement of matter is inertia and is caused by the LEP field. LEP’s attach to and exert a gravity-type pull, a pull that is evenly and uniformly distributed throughout matter. These LEP’s have the same speed as the matter and there numbers are proportional to the mass. LEP’s radiating from two bodies of matter interact directly to cause gravity. (Clearly, LEP’s are composed of smaller particles which have an affinity for each other, are directional (polarized), and readily arrange themselves into long perfectly straight strings.)

The constant speed of light is caused by the forward pull of LEP’s on photons while forward movement is impeded by other LEP’s (those in front of and not traveling exactly parallel to the direction of the photon) as they move rapidly (light years per second) past and out of the way of the oncoming photon.

UFO craft are accelerated by literally cutting, ripping, and tearing away LEP’s behind the craft which are pulling in a direction opposite the desired direction of travel. Accelerating the craft to many times the speed of light is accomplished by cutting, ripping, and tearing away LEP’s which are ahead of the craft and perpendicular to the direction of travel.

The field between the plates of a capacitor consists of electrostatic lines which are “particle matter” just like photons and are pulled, extending them from the electrons in the negatively charged plate to the positively charged plate, by LEP’s. The field around a current carrying conductor consists of electrostatic lines which are pulled by LEP’s perpendicular to the direction of current travel and, of course, perpendicular to the conductor surface.

The knife particle (KP) that will cut, rip, and tear LEP’s away from ALL particle matter is a special twisted, rope-like, hardened, LINEAR particle created by tightly wrapping electrostatic lines together. Once created and free, the KP spins in the plane of its long axis and about the midpoint of its long axis as LEP’s pull and unwrap electrostatic lines. The KP, when located behind and spinning perpendicular to a craft’s desired direction of travel, will rip LEP’s from matter in the craft and accelerate the craft forward. Also, spinning this particle ahead of and in planes parallel to a crafts direction of travel will accelerate the craft forward, but just as important, it will accelerate all debris including air out of the space in front of the craft. This fact explains the lack of a sonic boom as UFO craft travel at thousands of miles an hour in earth’s atmosphere. And it also explains how UFO craft avoid striking space debris while traveling at light speed.

The radiation effects felt near UFO craft as they hover or accelerate away is caused by the very short wavelength photons created as KP’s unwrap. The electrostatic lines that make up the KP actually become very short wavelength photons. The downward pressure felt by people located beneath the craft is caused by KP’s as they spin - cutting, ripping, and tearing LEP’s away from matter in the human body. If you spot a UFO craft near ground, be safe by staying at least 100 meters away. Also, some of the alien occupants are not very friendly, probably because hunters or military have fired weapons at them. Reports of aliens firing laser-like weapons at humans are probably accurate. When humans act like dumb animals they should expect to be treated like dumb animals.

LEP propulsion allows UFO craft to accelerate quickly to thousands of miles an hour, make fast sharp angled turns, and stop very quickly. LEP’s are a source of immense energy. And, of course, LEP’s are much faster than photons for communications. Nanometer sized molecular motors can be used to create KP’s.


The KP was a best guess for a way to affect the LEP field. A short (about 5 min) video I saw on TV during summer 1996 suggested the same to me. The video showed a highly magnified view of a printed circuit board type device. On the board was thin filamentary conductors in a double-backed spiral (Fermat’s spiral), that is, one conductor wrapped 85,000 times into the center of the spiral, reversed direction and wrapped another 85,000 times to the outer edge of the spiral, making a complete circuit. The entire circuit was about the size of the head of a pin. The entire board, about 11 inch square, was covered with these pin head sized circuits. Above the board was a mirror image board with the same circuits on it, so that these spiral circuits faced each other. In between the boards was a conductive layer with a single very small hole located centered in between each pair of spirals. A cut of the board also showed channels where a coolant could have flowed. The voice on the TV said it was not known if the board was used for communications or propulsion. I thought it was a communications board, mainly because some spirals were flat and some were concave. I don’t know if this short video was disinformation like alien autopsy. However, I don’t think the average person would have been the least bit interested in it. At the time I had been trying to think of a way to wrap electrostatic lines together and the design of this device looked suitable.


Many different sizes and shapes of UFO craft have been reported, and many alien beings of different stature, color, appearance, etc…have been reported. That suggests that some of them arrived here from other planets, perhaps only 10 light years away, but maybe some have traveled several hundred light years. There is a high probability that their crafts travel faster than 186,000 miles per second.
Even though some alien races may have outlived their home planets existence and may be able to live in space continuously, I think they may still require pit stops to replenish supplies! I doubt any would set out on a 20 light year long round trip to planet Earth if their craft could only travel as fast as light. I think it is reasonable to think their crafts travel much faster than light. This fact doesn’t reconcile with our current understanding of physics.

The maneuvers made by these UFO craft in our atmosphere suggest a propulsion system that accelerates and decelerates all matter within the craft including the craft. I don’t think alien beings are capable of withstanding the enormous G forces that their bodies would experience, if a gravity-type of pull was not exerted evenly on all body matter. This propulsion system cannot be reconciled with our current understanding of physics.

All matter exists in a ubiguitous sea of LEP’s which move at many light years per second and pull on all matter evenly like gravity. LEP’s cause inertia and the motion of all matter. Therefore, the LEP field is the source of all energy.


This is theory stretching!
KP’s spinning in planes parallel to the craft’s direction are ejected forward of the craft at the speed of light. They cut LEP’s crossing in front of the craft. This causes the craft to be accelerated forward and debris to be accelerated to the side and also forward. The KP’s etch a tunnel in the LEP field which extends a million miles out. Assume the forward speed of light going down the tunnel has been increased 20 times relative to the speed outside the tunnel just by etching away LEP’s. The craft, if it could travel one tenth the speed of light out side the tunnel, would now be traveling one tenth the light speed inside the tunnel or 372,000 miles per second (double the normal speed of light). It is very plausible that KP’s traveling down the tunnel at 20 times the speed of light could easily etch away new tunnel at the rate of double the normal speed of light in order to maintain a tunnel length of a million miles ahead of the craft.


LEP’s are either pulling on a photon at the speed of light, or pulling on other matter at a lesser speed, or traveling across the universe at many light years per second. LEP’s which are attached to matter might explain the hidden dark matter.

“Linear space particle” may have been a better choice than LEP, “linear ether particle”. Since I view the LEP's as the medium, I wasn't thinking of the old meaning as a "luminiferous" or particle type medium thru which waves propagate.

My post is based on accepting three UFO evidentiary facts. 1. The knife particle can cause propulsion. 2. UFO's do travel much faster than light in interstellar space. 3. UFO's are necessarily accelerated by a gravity-type pull. My entire post was just theory!

I recall in high school seeing pictures of large spiral coils of copper wire 2 or 3 feet in diameter which were used to try to create a particle. Apparently, unsuccessful efforts to create KP’s were attempted in the 1950’s, and probably many times since. I assume efforts still continue using nanometer sized molecular motors.

This was only a theory!

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