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My only sighting .Red ball, Utica michigan . Halloween (98)

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posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 09:44 AM
The only sighting i have ever had was (Halloween 1998) At four bears watter park in Utica Michigan .

I was helping run the haunted house "Terror town" I was out back spinning part of the "ride" People walked into a box i spun it from the outside. .

Well at around 11:30 i saw a red ball hovering slightly out in the distance . It looked to be coming toward me but i really didn't pay any attention to it and was just kinda day dreaming how i was gonna spend my big 7$ an hour . Remembering the coupons i had for free meals at red lobster (they would trade us free meal passes for haunted house passes)

Well anyway theres a small lake out back . At probably 12:00 or so i noticed that "red ball" was now hovering around a football field away .(Over the "lake" You could see a definite reflection in the lake
I put the size at around the size of a Lincoln town car .

Well naturally i freaked . I bust into the haunted house and got all the customers (30 or so) and all the staff (10/12 people) And drug them out the back door rambling about a red ball in the air.
Well needless to say the laughing ended when we all got outside to see the red ball slowly and silently list toward the trees .
At around that point a helicopter cam over a ridge and the light faded behind the trees. I didn't pay much attention to the chopper :/

Well the interesting thing is there was atleast one person that taped the event i definitely remember someone taking pictures .
Was hoping by posting this someone may see it an come forward with one of the pictures or videos that were made .

I wish i could describe it better , Even so close it was just a ball of light that was slightly oblong (imagine a lincoln town car with a bright glowing red paint job) Bright enough to washout any definition.
Anyway i was just happy that so many other people saw it and i wasn't crazy.

So if anyone else was there and can maybe help me track down the pics/tape made please let me know . I have always wanted to show my old lady what i saw that night.


posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 06:36 PM
dude i saw summit very similar in 2001 when i lived in harrison township in michigan right next to the water, there was some weird things in the night i recall seeing and being told it was prob something atmospheric.

posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 08:11 PM
I saw something similar last year around july, in sterling heights, MI. Though it was pretty high in the atmosphere, it was being pursued by what appeared to be F-16s, shortly after it vanished and the F-16s turned around.

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