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Is it possible to have a rational Ron Paul/antichrist discussion?

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posted on Dec, 25 2007 @ 04:13 AM
Let me first say that if I do vote it'll be for RP, and I've already told everyone I know that does vote that I want them to do the same.

And before I get jumped on for being an e-tard for even thinking this, consider that I hardly believe .003% of the prophesy stuff you see everywhere nowadays, but If you're on this forum at all you probably know that the people that are controlling us do put some kind of faith into this stuff.

This is hypothetical, don't immediately start bashing, if you don't have anything to contribute, don't post. I'll assume I'm every bad name you can think of, just don't act like a twelve year old in here...

Alright, I'll try not to mention specific 'prophets' or predictions, or any of that stuff, but just the most common claims I can think of...

1. Everybody loves him. Me included. And everybody's willing to put all of their trust in him. He definitely seems like a great guy, but apparently so did hitler.

2. When did everybody hear of him/when did he really gain momentum? 2007, the year everybody said the antichrist would come to power, resulting in a new thread every week about "discovering the antichrist."

3. There are a lot of people that feel strongly that he is the antichrist, and a lot of the people that disagree see how there's a slight chance that it's possible/if it was possible. One of the other things everybody says when the topic's brought up is that we'll all know when it's here...

4. What happens when we bring all the troops home? Are the soldiers going to stay soldiers, or are they going to go back to everyday life? I'm all for killing less people and bringing our own back home, but that could be a real problem.

There were some other points I wanted to bring up, but I'm drawing a blank now...
Anybody have anything to add, besides a sharp "NO, you're wrong!!!"

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