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Remembering Walter Bowart

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posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 02:44 AM
Fellow forum dwellers,

I just got some very sad news by email. Long time truth seeker Walter Bowart has just passed away. Walter was probably best known for his groundbreaking book "Operation Mind Control" in which he exposed the forces of the "cryptocracy", a term which he coined. He was a dear friend and a true inspiration to me. He will be missed.

Dear friends,

My dearest friend Walter Bowart passed away.
My heart is still crying and I can’t believe that I will never see him again. I met him five years ago and for the last two years he stayed in our house and became a part of our family. He was like a loving father to me, like a caring brother, like the greatest teacher. All my family had the best time with him and we all knew how pure his love is and how much caring he has for all of us. He was very sick and we tried to help him stay positive and not lose hope. We were praying for his well being and tried all kinds of treatments.
It’s very sad that we couldn't save his life and now we feel emptiness in our house and our heart.

For all who new Walter and for those who didn't please pray for his soul, for his happiness and pure Love. We will always remember his shiny smile and blue eyes, his genius mind and brilliant ability to see something nobody can.
He was showing us the beauty of life and the power inside of us, he was teaching how to create our own reality and follow our intuition.
He was helping me to understand my crazy dreams and to apply this knowledge to my everyday life.

Even though we no longer have his extraordinary presence, we are still so grateful for the time that we had with him. We all benefited every one of us. While Walter had our love and understanding, he gave us many fun moments of laughter, insights into different kinds of knowledge and he gave us a true friend. We are grateful and honored to have had our experiences with him and will treasure every moment in our hearts. He was a beautiful person who left us many sincere and amazing moments to treasure.

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