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The Ghost and The Baby Swing

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posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 07:27 PM
I was watching my nephew Friday while my sister went Christmas shopping for him. She took my neice because she is only a few months old.A few hours after she left I was playing with my nephew in my sisters room where the baby swing is.

All of the sudden my nephew looked at the swing in an odd way, it's hard to explain the look on his face. Then it turned on and started swinging at full speed and my nephew ran out of the room. I went over to him in his room and comforted him and when i went back in the swing was still going so I turned it off.

The rest of that night he was looking at the swing in that same weird way and I was waiting for it to start again. When my sister came home i was half asllep and forgot to tell her about it and i went home for the night.

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