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strange recurring dreams...

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posted on Feb, 7 2004 @ 08:46 PM
well for almost as long as i can remember i've had really strange recurring dreams. so i'll say what a couple of them are. here goes...

Dream 1
so i'm sitting at my computer doing something, i dunno what, but i get up to go get something to drink. i walk out of my room, through my brothers' room, down the hallway and into the kicthen. i pass by the family room on my way also. my dad's on the couch, laying down, and my mom is in a chair. they're watching a movie, so i try to be really quiet as i pour myself some orange juice.

after i pour the orange juice, i put the carton away and walk over to our kitchen window. it overlooks the frontyard and the street, so i'm watching for cars. it's hard to see out of towards the left of the house because our neighbors have a big tree and an extended front patio. i don't see any cars coming from the right. then as i turn to leave i notice a ligh coming down from the left. assuming it's a car, i stay to watch.

as it's coming closer i realize that whatever it is was not really a car or anything at all. i notice this before i even see it, because this light isn't casting any shadows. so i'm fascinated by this. as soon as i see the light i realize it's a floating ball of light, about 10 to 15 feet up. then i look over to my parents, and they seem to be frozen in place. i look back and watch the light glide by my house, and stop a little ways past the house. as it stops i feel as if it knows that i'm watching it. then it begins to pulsate rapidly and suddenly it's gone. as it vanished, though i vaguely hear a crashing noise as something cam crashing through the house. i follow holes in the walls until i come upon a black cillendar. this like hologram of a man appears on my floor then. i have some conversation with him and then he disappears and i wake up.

Dream 2
my family and i are at mu grandma's house. all the houses around us are turned into rubble, but her house is fine. she has a large picture window, and in the distance there's a large tower with a siren on top.

my dad is an air force uniform, or something very similar. suddenly the siren goes off and my dad says something along the lines of, "i have to go. they need me," to my mom. then he turns to me and tells me that i'm the man of the house now. so then my dad leaves and i wake up.

[ /end screwed up dreams]

so i don't do drugs or anything. not ever. also, i try and get like at least six hours of sleep every night. i'm pretty much healthy despite having a bad knee and mild asthma. i have these dreams at least four times a week, sometimes more. do they mean anything? are they some sort of mental ideas of what may happen? i just want to know. these dreams need to stop.


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