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Earth the memory bank :National Security, Visitation, the Silence

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posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 04:21 PM
False hope is a serious offence. Homo Sapiens have reached the immergence of breath taking scientific achievements in the past hundred years. The ability to communicate instantly across the planet and share information at the whim is no doubt one of the landmarks of what is to come. The deciphering of a universal language (DNA) is another. Yet even with thousands upon thousands of reports of extraterrestrial vehicles entering our territorial space we are left dumbfounded. The treacherous denial smugly delivered by our contractual protectors has been successful in alleviating much concern with this serious issue. A denial that very well could be do to necessity.

Armed with the amazing power to demand per the Freedom of Information Act documents from our Constitutional government we are able to reveal intriguing details about almost any topic you can imagine. Never before in the history of the world has a citizen been granted such an auspicious right. A right that has brilliantly been circum navigated by moving the most precious of hard evidence to safe zones (i.e. NORAD), When probing these shrouded zones you come face to face with an American iron curtain. Looming on that wall are the words that can instantaneously deny all national rights granted by the constitution, suspend inalienable human rights, and allows a select few to hold more power in their hands than arguably the most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States. The slow meticulous utterance can end conversations, stop hearings, and cause the most prominent leaders of world to think twice and hard. “ In the interest of National Security of the United States of America.“

A cold chill runs up and down my spine when I think about the evidence that has been gathered even when mocked and shunned. Reports indicate the planet is being systematically observed and recorded. Others report aliens have deemed it important to genetically create hybrid humans and taken those to another place. The more we learn about our planet the more we realize how delicate the equilibrium is we have established our reality in. The greater devices of our civilization are beginning to paint a luminous picture of a universe literally littered with planets. Statistics are revealing a sound logic to life being very possible out there. Add that to the eye witness testimony that is so credible that if those same people were testifying at a murder trial and you were the one being prosecuted, you could kiss your butt goodbye. What you end up with is nothing less than a strong indication we are being visited, explored, categorized, and preserved for reasons unknown. Couple that with the necessity to classify this so top secret as to be in the realm of National Security and we have a very real and very dark problem.

We are talking about contact with a species that has reached such a state of advancement as to be interstellar star travelers. Capable of doing what would be considered miracles on a regular basis. Many say well that they just don’t want to mettle. If they don’t want to mettle they wouldn’t be abducting people and so blatantly appearing all over the world. So we have to question why haven’t we been uplifted and embraced by these beings. Why isn’t our government acknowledging these visits and systematic practices? By now, these beings have come across our situation before. If these visitors could save this planet they would of done a lot more by now.
For now I for one am content with the reports that stream in from all over the world of intrusive UFOs. It will be when they are NOT visiting that I will begin to worry. That will be the silence before the storm. That will be the day we will become no more than a memory bank in a strange language on a distant mystical planet.

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