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Canada to limit taser use

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posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:32 PM
After three recent tasaer deaths in Canada, an investiagation began to look into misuse of the weapon.
The RCMP have come out and said that they will limit the use of tasers.
This is s a step in the right direction, although too little too late for the who died.

Interesting comment from the taser manufacturer: none of the deaths were conclusively linked to the tasers.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Friday that it will restrict its use of Taser stun guns in response to a watchdog agency report that officers were firing them too often.


The police force said it will more clearly define the type of behavior that would prompt an officer to use a Taser, limiting it to situations where "a subject is displaying combative behaviors or is being actively resistant."

The previous policy allowed officers to use a Taser when a suspect's behavior was deemed threatening.


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