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Is the second coming of the Aurora upon us?

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posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 12:56 PM
Date--> estimated around a week and a half ago
Time--> 04:30 hours Eastern
Location--> Effingham County, Georgia
Conext of Sighting--> A friend of ours, involved in aviation, and familiar with the Aurora, is woke around 4:30AM by his dogs. It is a slightly moonlit sky, no wind and no ambient noise (insects, etc). He looks up, and sees an aircraft very high up streaking across the sky. He estimates it was around 100,000 feet up. He says it was the fastest moving aircraft he has personally seen before. Due to the nonexistant ambient noises, he heard what he called "something like muffled, distant cannonfire." (quote, verbatim) The contrail it left then developed characteristics of an air-breathing aircraft (Donuts-On-A-Rope.) Given the characteristics of the spotted aircraft, the conditions in which it was spotted (time, lighting, etc...), and the sounds he observed, it seems plausible that he could have very well observed an exotic-technologied aircraft, (operational or otherwise.)

I have been a member of ATS for 4 years. This aircraft is the reason I originally joined the forum. I am a firm believer that this aircraft exists and has existed for a number of years. I believe that there are a good number of aviation enthusiasts on this board that also could take a standpoint close to mine. That is why I come back from my time of not posting (or, more or less, lurking), and pitch this thread out here. I know it stands a chance with the members here.

Upon hearing this story from our friend, I became inspired to do some research of my own. First thing I did was go to, which I have been a follower of just as long as I have been a member here. The big news that caught my attention was the recently constructed (I suppose still being constructed), soon-to-be largest hangar at the Groom Lake installation. Members of that website noticed the new construction on June 10, 2007. Size estimations put it around 185' x 345' with 2 hangar doors, approximately 135'(W) x 70'(T). What is odd is this building is kicked off at an angle similar to a close by runway (12/30). A large mound of dirt is also present on the east side of the hangar. There is a lack of irregularity to it, and seems to be more than just excavated dirt. It shields the view more partially from Tikaboo Valley. As it is now, it would also serve as an effective sound shield. Also on the website, in an earlier update, they state that a possible candidate to occupy this new structure is the rumored Lockheed Martin SR-72. I give all credit of this information to and in no way am I attempting to pass it off as my own. ( )

My attention then turned to this “SR-72.” It is a rumored Skunkworks project. A contract was awarded to Skunkworks to develop a “stealthy 4,000-mph plane capable of flying to altitudes of about 100,000 feet, with transcontinental range.” is the source where I found this information. I give all credit of that information to that website.
( )

Another angle is FALCON. What follows is background on FALCON, sourced from… “The program aims to develop a reusable, rapid-strike Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle (HCV). The latest project to be announced under the Falcon banner is a fighter-sized unmanned aircraft called "Blackswift" which would take off from a runway and accelerate to Mach 6 before completing its mission and landing again. The memo of understanding between the USAF and DARPA on Blackswift - also known as the HTV-3X - was signed in September 2007. If the project gets the $800 million USD in funding needed to build two prototypes, it will be designed by the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, with the engines being built by Pratt and Whitney.” This, if carried through with could very well be the White to balance the Black project (refer to the SR-71/A-12 with their White and Black designations.)

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 01:01 PM
He needs to learn to estimate altitude better. You're not going to leave a contrail at 100,000 feet. You're WAY too high and the air is WAY too thin to leave one. There is actually a very small window where you're going to leave contrails. As for the donuts on a rope contrail, I've seen pictures of a normal aircraft leaving the same kind of contrail behind.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 01:14 PM
2 post-er

At any rate, the history of this aircraft goes back 20-some odd years, and this may not just be another chapter of it. I feel this may be the second coming of the Aurora, if not the start of the FINAL coming of it prior to it going public. 2008 is coming up fast, and an election coming just as fast. One can only wonder; is the Aurora finally coming out of the Black? Could these events be the start of more to come?

I believe so. I think the greatest achievement in aviation history will come forth and be unveiled to the world within the next 2 years.


posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 05:01 PM
thats not to say that I havent personally seen conventional aircraft leaving less than conventional contrails.

shoot, ill be the first to agree with you on that part. i've witnessed it many times.

however, I will also say I have witnessed less than conventional moving and looking aircraft leaving the same patterned contrails before. my Dad has some near 30 years of experience in the aviation industry and when i first explained to him the idea of the Aurora, he didnt doubt me. i became alot less doubting myself when i saw my first contrail of that nature. it had been a totally crappy solid overcast day, since sunup. a small break popped up as the crud moved northward, and i said "thats looks rather intriguing..." and at that he pulled hard off the road and promptly said that he had never seen a contrail like that before. in the course of the remainder of the day we witnessed 3 others like it, all of which absolutely hauled the mail. he was the first to say it; "that is moving. no way is that an airliner."

years progressed, and more and more we witnessed this supposed aircraft leaving very real contrails. however, many times, large commercial aircraft could very easily be seen leaving these contrails.

so let me say i totally agree with the average airliner leaving that signature.

next topic.

that less than conventional aircraft leaving the contrail.

" target='_blank' class='tabOff'/>
here is the link directly to the image hosted on photobucket.


it was taken on the Charleston City Marina Megadock, beginning of August 2006. the contrail it left was textbook Donuts.
if someone gives a reasonable explanation for it, very well.
if not, then what the crap is it?

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