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The opposite of create (deep consideration)

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posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 08:52 PM
You dont know how anything exists, you just know that it exists, correct? You dont know how any thing or one was designed, or if any thing or one is still designing, or if any thing or one is being designed, you just know that there is obvious design amongst in existence, correct? You dont know if certain of us are really one being divided up while being blocked from the knowledge of the higher self, correct?

I think not therefore I'm not. What is the opposite of create? Instead of destroy, as if something crummbles into tiny peices and spreads apart forever into a vacuum/void called space, the opposite of create would be decreate (a word I just created) I think.

If certain of existence can come forth as if from certain intentional programming, then certainly there can be an intentional deprogramming. That's if existence holds infinite powers that are as magic. Think there is an intentional reset and reorder point to be dealt in existence? Think that point would involve something and/or someone on earth (the only planet that seems to have life)?

What were all these life forms actually apart of in whole way back before anything blew up? It seems as though they are apart of an ever dieng and ever seperating body (life form) that turns into even smaller bodies (life forms)? Will there be a point where it stops, resets, reorders, rearranges, and etc. after we all have witnessed this physical law we're under is bull# because it has an end that's of great concern since it's troublesome?

Anyhow, that's something to wonder. While Christians wait for the rapture of just themselves I wait for the deprogram and reprogram of everything. I figure an existence shall make a change after it learns enough from itself, through us even, of what's ideally hot and what's ideally not. And that's my ghetto gospel. If existence can be then anything is possible.


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