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Discussing 'end of the world' and personal events

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posted on Dec, 8 2007 @ 05:28 PM

(I know it is arguable that this post could be in the prophecies forum but I feel that it would be more warmly recieved in paranormal and that it indeed is more paranormal than to do with prophecies because I am requesting readers feedback or similar experiances.)


Lets all talk about the end of the world and personal things that have happened to us which make us wonder. Share with us prophecies or events and dream connections.

Below - my own.

After reading about 'Dark Knight' prophecy somethings triggered my memory to a strange recurring dream I had when I was a child. The dream in question always seemed very real and always ended before anything happened...or maybe something did happen.

In Dark Knights account of a prophecy told to him, there are lights in the sky.

Only then did I remember the dream I've had so many times.

I'm at my real 'home' in the living room and I am on my knees (I don't know why). I'm looking North through the window and it's daylight. I would guestimate that the time is between 8 and half past 1. Lights are emerging from the clouds.

They are moving forward and I am breathless to see the biggest structure I have ever seen (in terms of volume). My heart feels like it stops beating and I feel like sheer evil has arrived and the end is imminent and that nothing in the world matters because it is too late to do anything.

Flying slowly beside it are craft of numerous sizes - big and small, but none that can compare with what I would call 'the mother'. They move a bit further and then it always ends.

In terms of realistically analysisng the craft I could not instantly point my finger at E.T or humans. It's a bit strange because I can usually make my mind up about craft when I see it due to a little knowledge I have and base it on size, speed, feature locations, maneouvres, lights and 'exhaust'. Alot of these craft were large enough to accomodate and live great lives in.

(please note:- I do not go U.F.O hunting or even see them - when I make up my mind on 'unidentifiable object' it is from a video or image).

Personal opinion: This could be linked with Dark Knight, although there isn't much ellaboration on the lights. Don't assume lights mean E.T though
Then again it may have nothing to do with it.

So, anyone got any comments or similar experiances they would like to share?

The thread is about users personal experiances

EDITS - Repetition of text. Added a peice of text in brackets to disprove any misconceptions people might have about me from something I said.

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